May 8, 2020

Nutricia selected Highp services to run in multiple international markets.

Nutricia sends personalized interactive messages to hundreds of remote HCPs in multiple Middle East countries.

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Nutricia’s collaboration with the Highp team is focused mainly on the promotion of the Intensive Care Nutritional Therapy initiative, which was started in the Middle East. The list of countries enrolled in the project includes Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, and the UAE.

Highp offers direct smartphone communication with HCP’s, delivering personal, rich media and interactive content. It helps Nutricia to work more efficiently with fewer resources on the ground, building stronger relationships and communities. The video personalization helps to engage more HCPs with the superb customer experience and build strong credibility over the content.

Outstanding engagement results make Highp a leading professional digital channel in the region. 

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