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Problem:Traditional email campaigns are falling flat. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are overwhelmed with messages, leading to low open rates and even lower engagement. Your valuable content is getting lost in the noise.

Solution: Highp: The engagement booster for pharma companies.


How We Help:

  • Grab Attention: Our video-first approach catches eyes where emails fail. With interactive content, auto-generated GIFs, and AI subtitles, we make your message unmissable.
  • Personal Touch at Scale: Blend SMS and email to deliver custom content to each HCP. Let your reps add their own approved video messages—no complex integration needed.
  • Powerful Yet Simple: Share newsletters, webinars, conference highlights, and more using 20+ easy interactive tools. Built on 15+ years of pharma expertise.
  • Smart Insights: Go beyond basic click rates. Our analytics show you exactly what works, so you can fine-tune your outreach for maximum impact.


The Highp Difference:

  • Up to 30x better engagement than standard platforms
  • Seamless SMS and email integration
  • Automation and segmentation to reach the right HCP at the right time


Join the many pharma leaders already using Highp to turn unread messages into meaningful conversations with HCPs.


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Our Solutions are Trusted by Leading Big Pharma Companies Across the 40 markets.  


  • Your representatives can send personalized video follow-ups that are up to 30x more effective than email.
  • Add video to Veeva Approved Email for 3x better engagement.
  • Highp takes care of sending SMS or email invitations. No third-party integrations are required. 
  • Multiple levels of personalization to improve long-term engagement through premium, hyper-personalized videos.
  • Multiple content options including pre-approved videos, surveys, attachments, links and more. No need to create an additional landing page.


Our mobile-first approach results in average engagement rates from 56% to an astounding 93% (CTR)



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Use the power of relationship, context and perception of value

Improve ROI of customer-facing team activities with our operating model and technology

Improve Visits

Add more products to promotion

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Improve Events

Bring news from global and local events.

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Improve Webinars

Get more follow-up touchpoints

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Improve Education

Offer micro-learning programs

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Improve your Veeva CRM performance

Highp add-on to Veeva Approved Emails

  • IT integration is not required.
  • Highp for Veeva works out-of-the-box seamlessly
  • Extend email format to rich-media Highp messaging
  • Add optional personal video greetings to each message.

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Video Power for Your Brands Explained

The Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Casebook presents case studies on direct video communication with HCPs. You'll learn more about shaping the customer experience in the new, digitized environment using highp and relationship context perception methods. The expert opinions and key facts collected included will help you successfully shape your marketing.

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