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Protect Your Market Share and Improve Product Launch with The Next Generation of Video Communication.

Unlock the Power of Video Communication

Leverage Our Extensive Experience to Drive Your Business Forward: Introducing the Next Generation of Video Communication with Cutting-Edge Capabilities to Streamline Your Operations. Our Solutions are Trusted by Leading Big Pharma Companies Across the 40 markets. 


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Our customers use Highp to deliver the next generation of customer support and experience 


Our Solution To Customer Digital Fatigue

Revitalize Your Connections with Physicians

Highp combines all the essential features required for effective customer video engagement in a single package - messaging, meeting and consent management - with no need for additional integrations. The technology strengthens the performance of customer-facing teams. Specifically designed for the pharma industry with regulatory considerations in mind, Highp streamlines the customer engagement process for optimized results.

  • Your representatives can send personalized video follow-ups that are up to 30 times more effective than email.
  • Your representatives can invite remotely more customers to education programs 
  • Highp takes care of sending all SMS or email invitations. No need for any 3rd party integrations. 
  • Multiple levels of personalization available to improve long-term engagement with best in class hyper-personalized video.
  • Various content options like pre-approved videos, surveys, attachments, links and more. No need to build additional landing page. 
  • Advance Highp features allow to create training and education programs, auto-responders and or message sequences


Our mobile-first approach results in average engagement rates from 56% to an astounding 93% (CTR)



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When To Use Highp?

Use Highp to improve your communication and market impact

  • Add more products to promotion cycle.
  • Protect market share with improved message frequency.
  • Get brand to market faster during The Product Launch.
  • Reach more non-visited HCPs to improve Share of Voice.
  • Improve ROI from webinars, events, and training programs.


Use the power of relationship, context and perception of value

Improve ROI of customer-facing team activities with our operating model and technology

Improve Visits

Add more products to promotion

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Improve Events

Bring news from global and local events.

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Improve Webinars

Get more follow-up touchpoints

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Improve Education

Offer micro-learning programs

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Improve your Veeva CRM performance

Highp add-on to Veeva Approved Emails

  • IT integration is not required.
  • Highp for Veeva works out-of-the-box seamlessly
  • Extend email format to rich-media Highp messaging
  • Add optional personal video greetings to each message.


Get inspired by best-in-class examples in pharma marketing

Our annual Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Casebook presents the best case studies of direct digital communications with HCPs from global pharma companies. You'll learn more about shaping the customer experience in the new, digitized environment using Highp and RCP methodologies. The included expert opinions and collected key facts from recent reports will help you to make your marketing successful.

Download the customer experience casebook for free here.

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