A new, straightforward way to connect with HCPs

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Improve your brand's customer experience

Straightforward, simple way to connect with doctors​

Let's face it. Digital fatigue of physicians as a result of mass marketing is a fact. Lower responsiveness and pure engagement are real problems in pharma marketing today. We can solve the problem.

  • Representative personal video follow-ups are 10 times better than email marketing and 2 times better than rep trigger emails.
  • New rich media formats engages customers in more meaningful way.
  • Our mobile-first approach results in average engagement rates of 56%, up to a staggering 93% (CTR)



Customer-facing teams have great potential

Extend Your Marketing Efforts

With Highp you can quickly improve your sales force ROI and your market impact

  • Add products to promotion.
  • Improve frequency.
  • Get product communications to market faster.
  • Rich non-visited HCPs
  • Improve the impact of activities such as webinars, events, and training programs.


Lightning fast implementation

Highp in 3 weeks or less for immediate results

In contrast to marketing automation, Highp can launch a project in less than 3 weeks, including a training program and rich media message designs. Highp's hiper-personalization is the perfect solution for brand managers who need immediate results. That's why we see many advantages in Highp for business-oriented brand managers in a highly competitive market.


Use the power of relationship, context and perception of value

Improve ROI of customer-facing team activities with our operating model and technology


Add more products to promotion

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Bring news from global and local events.

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Get more follow-up touchpoints

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Offer micro-learning programs

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Highp is the all-in-one solution for high-performance field force.

  • New direct messaging and remote meetings format and capabilities.
  • Universal access to HCPs with rich media content on any device.
  • HCP does not need to install any app, remember any password or web address.
  • New, attention-grabbing content format for mobile devices that goes beyond email and web.
  • Multi-part, personalized SMS invitations to messages and remote meetings.
  • Customer Journey visual builder included. 
  • Consents can be obtained instantly.
  • Hyper-personalization with representative video or audio commentary to each message.

Get inspired by best-in-class examples in pharma marketing

Our annual Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Casebook presents the best case studies of direct digital communications with HCPs from global pharma companies. You'll learn more about shaping the customer experience in the new, digitized environment using Highp and RCP methodologies. The included expert opinions and collected key facts from recent reports will help you to make your marketing successful.

Download the customer experience casebook for free here.

Highp add-on to Veeva Approved Emails

  • IT integration is not required.
  • Highp for Veeva works out-of-the-box seamlessly
  • Extend email format to rich-media Highp messaging
  • Add optional personal video greetings to each message.


Video Follow-up Messages

  • Delivered directly to HCP smartphone
  • HCP do not install any apps to view it
  • Includes personal video greetings
  • Contain rich-media interactive content
    like feedback and surveys


of avarage engagement


 of engagement in the first 2 hours

Video Meetings

  • Delivered directly to HCP smartphone
  • Instant invitation via SMS
  • HCP do not install any apps to join meeting
  • Includes video commented slides 
    and full-screen video
  • Pre-approved content only
  • Quick field-force implementation



higher  reach via SMS invitations

Veeva CRM add-on

  • No IT integration required
  • Works seamlessly with Veeva CRM 
  • Easy to add to any Approved Email 
  • Quick to send 
  • Trackable performance 
  • Quick to deploy 
  • Optional data Upload to Veeva CRM


  • Create remote consent process
  • Customize your consent forms – add any required fields
  • Quickly enrich your database with additional fields
  • Automatically follow-up HCPs consent with Highp message
  • Align to GDPR requirements
  • Easy transfer to CRM database


Available on iPhone and iPad

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