Dec 2, 2020

The difference between remote and face-to-face communication, according to behavioral sciences.

Join a webinar about empathy in screen-to-screen communication on 2 December 2020 at 3 PM CET.

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Nextpharma Webinar "Virtual Empathy" with Connectmedica

During the webinar, we plan to explore the differences between remote and face-to-face communication, according to behavioral sciences and beyond. You will discover how you can learn virtual empathy and apply it to your field force daily operations.

Highp is a multichannel communication tool that allows better personalization of the message. Using Highp a representative can show that he cares about the relationship with the client. It creates almost a face-to-face feeling. We are convinced that thanks to operating with empathy not only can you get the very best result - you can also create a true bond with your customers.

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The guest specialist in the webinar are:

Federico Fanti
Global Head of Operations, LEO Pharma

Priya Kapoor-Hingorani
Vice-President, GSK

Ibrahim Jalloul 
Brand Manager, AstraZeneca

Sandra Bichl
CEO, Career Angels

The Nextpharma webinar is moderated by Anna Poreba, Michal Komorniczak, Pedro Bandeira from Connectmedica. Anna is a behavioral science specialist, she works at the nexus of business and behavioral science here in Connectmedica. We think that her approach to relationships with clients is the best example of virtual empathy.

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