Nov 3, 2021

Roche expands use of Highp to additional markets

Israel, Georgia, Russia, and Serbia pilot Highp

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After initial pilots at Roche Hungary and great success (over 86% digital engagement), our customer is expanding the use of Highp to other markets, including Israel, Georgia, Russia, and Serbia.

Highp has been and continues to be used by Roche to keep communication open between MSLs and neurologists and rheumatologists. Highp makes the latest information from treatment research directly available to healthcare practitioners.

MSLs can no longer meet face-to-face with HCPs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Roche saw this as an opportunity to restore the relationship using an innovative in-person video messaging tool that stands out from hundreds of other emails to HCPs while giving physicians the right access to the information they need.

This is why one of the largest multinational healthcare companies has chosen to implement Highp. Interactive video services, developed on behalf of representatives and delivered directly to neurologists and rheumatologists via SMS invitation, provide the best engagement at the right time and in the right context. Services created in Highp provide maximum HCP engagement with fewer resources and a shorter time to market. Highp's rich media format is perfect for presenting new treatment guidelines. The videos included in the messages were easily accessible via smartphones, allowing clinicians to access the content anytime, anywhere. The Highp service itself was a huge success because it met two critical conditions: The company proved that it had a good relationship with its target audience and knew how to activate them, and the content of the communication was highly engaging, relevant to the current situation, and delivered at the right time. For these reasons, it became one of their flagship projects.

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