General opt-in is not enough. Try Personal Digital Marketing. Opt-in HCPs 
to services you offer to improve your value-added in direct digital


Conference highlights

Build your brand image and strong added-value by providing HCPs with the latest information from the world’s largest congresses.


  • Get your brand global to local communication quicker
  • Meet HCPs strong demand for conference highlights
  • KOL video commentaries will add credibility to your brand message

Patient’s support

Patient education is extremely important, especially in the case of diagnosed cancer. Their knowledge about the disease and methods of treatment has a significant impact on their daily life and can build positive brand image and awareness.


  • Better contact with a doctor constitutes a more effective treatment process
  • Quality of life depends on the level of education about one’s condition
  • Aid in dealing with the disease in the psychological context

News service

Deliver weekly influencial news and create discussions in up to date format of live, interactive video communication

  • Change your static newsletter to attractive video format
  • Unlimited number of topics
  • Great value for KOL
  • Improve engagement with video short-cuts

Educational programs

Highp educational program is a great and effective way to improve patients’ knowledge about cancer treatment. It may be also interesting added value to prescribed medicine.


  • Launched from the web form, the first episode is delivered immediately after registration, and the next episodes at regular intervals
  • Available to everyone or only possible if signed up by a doctor
  • Possibility of placing QR code on the packaging of the prescribed medicine

Infotainment and tv series

By videos you deliver important facts in an attractive form. Build strong brand awareness and educate doctors while engaging them through entertainment. An interesting form is a cooking show.

  • The host is a well-known chef, who prepares dishes recommended for people with cancer
  • Each episode addresses a different aspect of the disease discussed with the invited guest - an expert, KOL
  • Doctors can order printed recipes for their patients (Highp call to action) or download PDFs


Microlearning programs improve the professional qualifications of the HCPs so that they achieve even better results in treatment. Instead of many hours of lectures or a few-day conference, this short form of training does not interfere with the daily duties.


  • Interactive and effective training method
  • Short and unobtrusive type of content
  • Audiobooks and video presentations