May 16, 2020

Celgene explores the new digital frontiers

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Two years ago, Danuta Schramm, Business Unit Director in the Celgene oncology division in cooperation with Onconews, decided to follow oncologies demand for new, tailored video content. Thanks to Highp technology, Onconews was able to create added-value service that Celgene sponsored and offer exclusively to thousand oncologists. Onconews cover over a thousand german oncologists with direct access via mobile phone numbers.

For the next two years, Highp was delivered over 16k times to target group with highly engaging video content from leading KOL in almost real-time after major international oncology conferences.

As a result, Celgene breaks the psychological barrier on what is currently possible with digital tools. Direct digital push-video communication is an effective and straightforward solution to deliver added-value service to the majority of targeted health care professionals. Over 70% of targeted oncologist engaged in the service last year. The beneficiaries of this service are oncologists - get short, credible, easy to understand video summaries from KOL their trust. It converts in positive feedback and high NPS. 

Highp team offers complete end-to-end service, with a training program, contend development, agreement management, and compliance. Highp relieved Celgene marketing team of heavy-duty sending multiple messages thanks to the built-in automation system. 


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