Why is Highp the answer to your needs?

The future of sales field force and event organization is uncertain. The participans of Reuters Event hosted on 20th of October share their view on prospective of events, meetings, and conferences.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of countries are more or less locked-down. There are almost none of the physical events taking place, according to the answers of our participants.

That doesn’t mean that all the events are put on hold. Almost every attendant is planning to organize an event online in the next 6 months. Our tool, an omnichannel communication tool called Highp, is a perfect way to promote the event, invite people to the event, and then provide them with a summary. Highp will make your events unforgettable.

Almost half of the participants attended more than eight digital events in the last 6 months. During a lively discussion they stated that they do not remember most of them very well. Highp Highlights can change that. According to Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve, people tend to forget around 70% of what they have learned just 3 days after the event. How to prevent that while organizing e-conferences? Use Highp Highlights and remind your clients about the most important pieces of information in a follow-up message. Stay remembered longer than others.

Nearly all our attendees stated that they see the future of digital events as a hybrid model. There will be physical events, but also we won’t give up an online business. That is why we created Highp - to simplify the digital relationship creation.

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