Why Highp is the Ideal Platform for Pharma Companies to Elevate their CDM Strategies

In the rapidly evolving pharma marketing landscape, customer data management (CDM) has become a critical element in developing successful marketing strategies. With the advent of data lakes, it is now easier than ever for pharma companies to collect, store, and analyze customer data to gain insights and optimize their marketing strategies. Highp, a next-generation customer engagement platform, is the perfect source of customer data activities for your next CDM.

Collecting, storing and analyzing customer data is essential for gaining insights and optimizing marketing strategies. With recent technological advances, solutions such as Snowflake Data Cloud and Databrick's Lakehouse Platform have revolutionized the way pharmaceutical marketers handle customer data. These data lakes enable the collection and storage of data from multiple sources in one centralized location, making it easier to analyze and gain insights from the data.

At Highp, we understand the importance of accurate, high-quality data in CDM.

Our platform stores user microactivities that can significantly improve the quality of data in a data lake. These microactivities include user behavior, such as time spent watching a video and the amount of interaction with a particular piece of content. Incorporating these microactivities into a data lake provides a deeper understanding of user behavior and enables more accurate segmentation.

Highp's data can be easily exported or automatically integrated directly into your Data Lake or Powerbi dataset.

Example of raw campaign micro-activities data source

It is important to note that adding third-party data to Salesforce, including OCE and Veeva, is a myth. These technologies were developed to enable integration, but they have failed to enrich master data with activities from other sources. One of the reasons is the lack of functionality to easily filter and prepare the data contained in Salesforce. Data Lakes, on the other hand, are changing the game and providing a new space for innovation in communications that goes beyond simply clicking and opening emails.

Certainly, context, relationship and value proposition are still essential elements of effective communication, regardless of technological advances in the industry. With Highp, CDM can support field service activities by providing insights into next best action, content selection and communication style. In this way, field reps can better understand their customers and tailor their communications to their specific needs.

CDM is also critical for marketing teams in customer segmentation and scheduling. With a robust data lake and platform like Highp, pharma companies can use insights gleaned from customer data to deliver personalized communications that resonate with their customers.

Highp can be the key endpoint communication channel that simplifies activities and amplifies results by delivering the best customer experience to all groups. In fact, Highp can replace multiple channels such as SMS and email in one quick solution. Highp thus enables seamless communication with customers by delivering the right message at the right time through the right channel. This helps build strong relationships and increase engagement, ultimately leading to better results for both the customer and the pharma company.

As technology continues to advance, the next AI will transform data segmentation and next best action. With Highp and a reliable data store, pharma companies can stay ahead of the curve and deliver personalized communications that resonate with their customers.

In summary, Highp is the perfect source of customer data activities for your next CDM. By integrating micro-activities into a data lake and leveraging the data stored within, Highp can deliver personalized communications that resonate with your customers. With Highp, you can optimize your communication strategies and maximize the ROI of your field activities and digital programs. It's time to take your CDM to the next level with Highp.

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