Why choosing Highp will get you the best results in HCP Digital Engagement?

Best practices on HCPs engagement during Covid-19 in digital.

Effective implementation of an innovative channel.

Lately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the companies started looking for alternative communications channels. They need to be able to deliver content through the uncluttered channel, to be different from the competitors. 

When deploying those innovative channels, it’s crucial to follow rules and set up operational models to ensure that the company can benefit from the new technology. 

Our proposition for those guidelines are:

  1. Designing services that are meaningful for HCP’s. No matter what the channel is, meaningful content has always played an important role. 
  2. Good training of the representatives is also essential. They have to know properly how the tool works. 
  3. Proper activation of HCP. The representatives should inform physicians that there is a message coming their way, before sending it. The physicians have to understand who the message is coming from, why they are receiving the message.
  4. Finally the content, the value of the message. Minding the way the service is delivered (via an uncluttered communication channel), and making sure, that the content can be easily accessed by HCP’s. 
  5. Conducting retrospectives analysis.

Those are the 5 key elements that we have put in place to ensure that whenever we’re deploying a new communication channel in the Times of Covid it’s a success.  

5 key elements of effective implementation of field force digital communication

Examples of successful and large Highp deployments.

It’s crucial to implement the rules listed above. To illustrate the importance of our guidelines, let’s compare the activation of physicians by 2 different Top 5 Global Pharmaceutical companies, very large deployments, 16 countries across the India Region. 

During the first one representatives were heavily involved. MSLs were reaching out to physicians, informing them about the upcoming communication and the value of this communication. We had an engagement rate of over 60%. 

While deploying the second campaign, the same message delivered to a cold database of physicians like HSP’s were not expecting it, there was no rep-involvement. There was no personalization of the message. We had an 11% engagement rate. 

Thanks to Highp we can incorporate a personalized video message coming from a key account manager, MSL, or a key opinion leader. Content delivered with the video hast twice as higher engagement rate versus content delivered without personalization and video aspects. We do see that involvement plays a crucial role and that our tool achieves the very best result due to wide personalization. 

Examples of successful and large Highp deployments.

Good relationship matters - the human element.

The human aspect plays a very important role, if not the most important one. That’s why in a communication tool that we have developed, Highp, we are incorporating a video element. That intro video, even if 30 seconds long, gives a F2F feeling. Coming from the source that physicians are familiar with, whether it’s a representative key account manager or an MSL, it assures the recipient that the message is personalized. In vacant territories, the intro video could be from a well-known key opinion leader. The relationship plays a crucial role when it comes to digital communication. 

Think about receiving a message from a brand that you are familiar with. But the message is not coming from the brand, it comes from the company. It is personalized, has your name on it. Now think about that same message delivered by a representative whom you know, whom you trust, with whom you have a business relationship with. That message coming with a short video customized to your needs. It provides a very different experience and we know that with Highp the experience is better.

Furthermore - those messages, if we are talking international deployments, can be provided in the local language. Whether it's launched in France, Germany, Italy, Argentina, or RPA - every single message can be personalized. It gives the recipient the feeling that the representatives really care to maintain the relationship.

Good relationships matters - the human element in digital communication

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