Push-video communication extends your emailing and remote meetings

To communicate in digital through mobile devices, you need a proper consent in place. We will show you how to activate representatives and acquire consents effortlessly.

When to add push-video communication to email or remote meetings?


  • If it is inconvenient to schedule a meeting with a health care professional
  • If emails end up in a spam or have low open rates
  • When text is not enough to present, convince and educate


There is much more:

  • When you want to improve message credibility by involving key opinion leaders
  • If you need to access more health care professionals in less time


And finally

  • Less dealing with IT issues, more leading with effortless engagement


Watch the video below and see how Highp works

How push-video Highp messaging works on a regular health care professional's smartphone

Importance of having proper communication platform in place

What if these things happen again?

  • Hospital lockdown
  • Limited access to health care professionals
  • Recommended social distancing

In the result - a complete field force lockdown.


You can use push-video messaging to:

  • Sustain business communication
  • Leverage your in-place representatives' relationship with health care professionals
  • Become an important partner offering alternative communication to conferences and local summits
  • Enrich your customers' consents database 


How can I activate health care professionals in digital?

You should "activate" each of your targeted health care professionals. Activation improves engagement significantly. The outcome can be as high as 55% average click-through rates expressing HCPs participation vs. 5% click-through rates in a cold email.

Take a look at the step by step explanation on how to activate your health care professional, from a representative phone call, to consent.

  • Set up an incentive program based on HCP engagement rates. 
  • We train your representatives remotely 
  • Start activation
  • We provide required data for the incentive program and update your core database with acquired consents

How to activate health care professionals and enrich customers database with phone numbers and consents

Conducting personal push-video communication on your own customer database 

In the beginning, it seems easy to access HCPs with 3rd party customer database. In reality, you will be able to reach not more than 10% of targeted health care professionals. What worse, in many cases, you will by blind who exactly you have reached with a message. In this case, you are forced to work with 3rd party data providers. 

With proper activation and consents, you can leverage your in-place-relationship to gain 5x more HCPs. This is how your representative can add optional personal scripted and self-destroyed video to pre-approved message

Adding personal scripted and self-destroy video message to pre-approves Highp message

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