What is reactive marketing?

Engage your customers with your products to the maximum.

In modern marketing gaining leads from your campaign is as crucial as the campaign itself. You push the message to gain personal requests from your customers. We use for this Call To Action buttons and all actions that customers can interact with message and presentation. In real-time.

Empowering your representatives

We all believe that people-to-people relation in business is still crucial. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is almost impossible to run product promotion without field force. The process of transferring knowledge and changing the behavior of your customer is long term and risky investment. We believe that modern representative can be much more efficient with new set of tools in his iPad or iPhone from Highp

Automation in real-time

The magic will happen behind the courtains. If you create a message, include call to action button, you can design reaction of the system to each customer actions.

You can inform your field force representative about next call request or automaticaly send further messages to your customer. Perfectly alignt to customer demand.

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