What is Highp?

Improve your access to Healthcare Professionals beyond email, webinar and call.

Highp is a one-stop-shop platform for more effective - push-video communication with Healthcare Professionals. It consisting of various elements allowing your team to access more physicians and generate more meaningful touchpoints:

  • three applications for representatives - for video messaging, video meeting, and consent/insight updates
  • campaign management
  • opt-in management
  • automation management
  • integration with Veeva 

Receiving Highp message by health care professionals

What can I do with Highp?

Highp will help you both activate your representatives and deliver great campaigns beyond static emails. With Highp, you can go further and offer digital content services for continuous successful engagement.  

Activate your field force:

  • Allow representatives to send video content from their iPhones or iPads to their Healthcare Professionals in compliance. 
  • Allow representatives to set up and conduct a video commented non-linear presentations with remote detailing capability, 1-1 visit in an office, or group visits in hospital. One intuitive app for all kinds of visits. 
  • Allow representatives to acquire Healthcare professionals' consent and insight.

Improve brand impact:

  • Improve the quality of a call and conversions. Enable marketing team to send messages on behalf of representatives to Healthcare professionals.
  • Access more Healthcare professionals in digital. Design and deliver added-value services like conference highlights. Join your efforts with the medical team to help doctors in an everyday job producing the most awaiting news and knowledge.
  • Extend your current channels and improve your brand understanding and value proposition. Automate your programs. Send automatically and instantly push-video follow-up from after a call (call center) or visit.
  • Improve your internal training by implementing continuous micro-learning programs for representatives with Highp.

Sending a personal Highp push-video message by representative to health care professionals

Why Highp?

In a nutshell, Highp is a brand new approach to communication, based on current trends, best practices, and operational model. It offers a much better customer experience than SMS, email, or a phone call. 

Highp follows new communication trends:

  • Mobile-first - we send an invitation to Healthcare professionals via SMS
  • Customer experience - our messages look great and intuitive on all devices. 
  • Video - people are more likely to enjoy and learn from video rather than text. 

Highp is based on best practices.

We use the three-step scientific approach to create the best performing communication. 

  • Relationship with a customer. We will take advantage of it, enabling representatives and message personalization.
  • Context of discussion. We will deliver our message fast, day after an event, seconds after a representative's call. 
  • Grand perception of the value we provide. We cooperate with top Key Opinion Leaders and best content to provide the best possible added-value impression. 

Highp offers a verified operational model for the best outcomes.

We have designed and perfected the unique operational model that enables you to go straight to the best possible outcomes. Our operational model consists of 5 stages we will go through together.

  1. Service design
  2. Representatives training
  3. Healthcare professionals activation
  4. Delivery
  5. Retrospectives

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