What can you achieve with Highp?

Highp is a complete solution for direct video communication for pharmaceutical industry

Activate representatives in digital

It's hard to get old school representatives to use digital platforms and start communicating remotely with physicians. Highp can help you do the transformation the right way. It's powerful and intuitive for representatives. Highp offers more efficient and aligned to access to customers. You can access up to 85% of your customers just in digital using Highp. 

  • Your representative can quickly update HCPs contact details.

    Highp will take care of gathering consents automatically sending messages with a set of questions. As a result Highp will generate accurate data for the sales managers to run incentive programs based on activated physicians and detailed reports of acquired consents for further integration. 
  • Your representative can set up a remote meeting.

    No app installation is required, however, physicians should have a modern web browser (updated in 2020). It's so easy - with a few clicks Highp will send a text message and email to the physician with a link to the virtual conference. Done. The sales team will get detailed reports on every online and offline meeting. 
  • Your representative can send a push-video message to physicians.

    Not all physicians are ready to participate in a video conference, sometimes they just don't have a capacity for the next video conference. Go beyond competitors and leave health care professionals a personal video message with additional pre-approved video or PDF content. Highp will automatically send the invitation to your message in SMS and email. As a result physicians will open a message within 2 hours or less. 

Key takeaways

  1. You can train your representatives to run remote meetings with one or more physicians. 
  2. Representatives can go beyond competitors and offer much better customer experience beyond email using video-messaging
  3. You can access up to 85% of your target in digital using Highp and activating your representatives in digital

Offer better added-value proposition to health care professionals

You need a proven model for digital communication. Highp team has already sent over 6000 campaigns in over 40 countries. As a result we offer a comprehensive implementation model, including operational model, design and content guidelines, training program. With the Highp operational model you can be sure, your marketing team can create, train, activate, deliver, and report digital communication at scale. With Highp it's much more simple and straightforward. 

Get out-of-the-box worldwide proven services

  • Provide physicians exclusive content from Key Opinion Leaders like Conference highlights, Virtual Conferences, Weekly updates, Guidelines reviews, and more.
  • You can get everything from our customer service team. We will produce and deliver it fast based on your KOL preferences, customization, and brand message alignment.
  • Ready to use format and content for 6 or 12 months aligned to your marketing message
  • You can send messages on behalf of your representatives, in fact we encourage this and provide o solid guidelines on how to build engaging messages.
  • You can automate your communication, plan series of messages that will align to physician actions automagically,
  • You can send messages automatically after a call or visit to improve the impact and quality of knowledge transfer. Include key opinion leader explaining your therapy and product 

Key takeaways

  1. You can access more health care professionals in digital with Highp. Out Clients gain an extra 55% in reach by implementing the Highp operational model and service. 
  2. You can deliver highly valuable added-value services to improve brand impact, knowledge and promotion among physicians
  3. You can offer exclusive content and beat the competition

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