Video Marketing in Pharma: ROI Case Studies That Will Make You Rethink Your Strategy

What do HCPs really think about your emails? New data reveals a staggering 68% feel burnt out by pharma emails. But there's hope: learn why 72% of HCPs now prefer short, personalized videos and how this shift is transforming patient care and clinical outcomes.

Are your email campaigns falling flat? You're not alone. In pharma, where every interaction counts, it's time to look at what's really working. Let's dive into some eye-opening facts and stories about video marketing that might just change your mind about your current strategy.

The Hard Truth About Emails

Let's face it: email open rates in pharma are dismal. A recent study showed that only 18% of healthcare professionals (HCPs) consistently open pharma emails. That's a lot of ignored messages and wasted efforts.

Enter Video: The Game-Changer

Now, imagine if 8 out of 10 HCPs not only opened your message but watched it from start to finish. Sounds too good to be true? Not with video.

Case Study 1: The Webinar Boom A leading pharma company switched from email invites to personalized video invitations for their HCP webinars. The result? Attendance jumped by 215%. Why? HCPs felt personally invited, not just mass-mailed.

Case Study 2: The Product Launch Miracle Another pharma giant used Highp's video platform for a new drug launch. They created short, tailored videos for different specialties. Engagement rates hit 74%, compared to their usual 20% with traditional methods. More importantly, prescriptions in the first quarter post-launch exceeded forecasts by 40%.

Case Study 3: The Rep Productivity Spike One mid-sized pharma equipped their reps with Highp's video messaging tools. Reps sent quick follow-up videos after meetings or to HCPs they couldn't meet in person. The outcome? They reached 3x more HCPs in the same time frame, and feedback scores from doctors improved by 60%.

The Money Talk: ROI

Let's break it down in dollars and cents:

  • Email campaigns: Average ROI hovers around $32 for every $1 spent (sounds good, right?).
  • Video marketing in pharma: ROI jumps to $60 or more for every $1 invested when using platforms designed for the industry, like Highp.

That's nearly double the return. Plus, with precise analytics, you know exactly where every penny went and what it achieved.

Why It Works: The Science Bit

  1. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. In a time-crunched world, video wins.
  2. Personalized videos make HCPs feel valued. It's not just another mass email; it's a message crafted just for them.
  3. Mobile-optimized videos meet HCPs where they are—on their smartphones, between patients, on their commute.

Making the Switch: Easier Than You Think

Platforms like Highp are built for pharma. They handle compliance, integrate with your current systems (like Veeva), and even automate a lot of the personalization. Your team isn't working harder; they're working smarter.

The Writing on the Wall

The data is clear: video isn't just the future; it's the profitable present. While your competitors are still flooding inboxes, you could be starting genuine conversations with HCPs.

Ready to see these numbers in action for your brand? It's time to press play on video marketing.

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