Veeva Approved Email Implementation with Highp: A Step-by-Step Guide

No need to install Salesforce apps or go through an integration process. Highp for Veeva works right away

Email marketing is an essential tool for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, and with the rise of remote work, it has become more critical than ever. Veeva Approved Email is a popular email platform in the industry, and now, with the integration of Highp, it has become even more powerful. Highp for Veeva Approved Email is a cutting-edge technology that can help healthcare companies create dynamic and interactive emails that increase engagement and drive conversions. In this tutorial, we will discuss how you can implement Highp for Veeva Approved Email quickly and efficiently.

Highp for Veeva Approved Email

Highp for Veeva Approved Email offers two powerful enhancements to your email communications:

  • Your representatives can add video to their emails to boost engagement and provide additional context. Highp will automatically convert the video into a GIF animation that seamlessly integrates with the email. This feature enables your team to create more compelling and personalized communications that resonate with your customers.
  • Highp provides a fully personalized and rich-media experience for your customers. When users click on the link in the email, they are directed to a Highp message - a personalized landing page that is tailored to their unique needs. This feature eliminates the need to create a separate website page for each campaign, saving your team valuable time and effort. With Highp, you can easily drag and drop components and configure them with your content from Vault or other pre-approved sources - no coding required.
  • Highp also provides deeper insights into customer behavior with micro-activity tracking within the Highp message. This allows your marketing team to analyze what works and what doesn't, so you can continuously improve your campaigns and drive better results.

Highp for Veeva Approved Email is a game-changing solution that enables your team to create more engaging and personalized email communications while providing valuable insights to inform your marketing strategy.

Step 1: Check If Your Email Wizard Provider Offers Highp Components

The first step to implementing Highp for Veeva Approved Email is to check if your email wizard provider offers Highp components. Companies such as Viseven and ShamanGo have already integrated Highp into their email templates, which makes it easier for you to implement it into your emails.

Step 2: Understand How Highp Works

Once it has been confirmed that the email wizard provider in use offers Highp components or that there are resources available for manual modification of HTML code, the subsequent step is to obtain a clear understanding of its functionality. Highp for Veeva Approved Email has introduced novel characteristics including the ability to enable the record button before an employee dispatches an email via the Veeva CRM app, adding an automatically generated GIF of the recording along with the link to the Highp message, or including a link to a Highp message in any image or text tag. To implement these features, some code must be added to the standard HTML file that is automatically generated in the sixth step of the Highp campaign builder. Once this is done, Highp will manage everything within just a few lines of code in the email template, with no need for any integration with Veeva, IT resources, or personal data exchange. It works seamlessly and can be effortlessly uploaded to Veeva Vault, just like any other Veeva approved email templates for Highp.

Step 3: Test Your Campaign

After implementing Highp into your email template, its important to test your campaign. You can test it inside or outside of Veeva CRM to make sure it works correctly. To test your Veeva approved email outside of the CRM app, you need to manually replace the {{ }} tags with the correct data, such as the rep's email and account ID in our example.

Step 5: Enjoy Increased Engagement

Once you have tested your campaign and everything is working correctly, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of Highp for Veeva Approved Email. Highp has been shown to increase email engagement by 2-3 fold, which can lead to higher conversion rates and ultimately, increased revenue for your business.


In conclusion, Highp for Veeva Approved Email is a powerful tool that can help healthcare companies create dynamic and interactive emails that increase engagement and drive conversions. By following these simple steps, you can quickly and efficiently incorporate Highp into your email campaigns and reap the benefits of increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

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