Sep 15, 2022

Vatris on the road to improving the customer experience with Highp

Viatris Germany and Portulag will be testing both versions of Highp - stand-alone and Veeva add-on.

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Highp is available both as a stand-alone solution and as a Veeva add-on. Viatris Germany and Portulag will be testing both. Highp's stand-alone solution adds the SMS channel to the Rep Trigger email functionality, making it 2 to 3 times better than the email channel. Thanks to Highp's mobile design, it is a perfect format to target customers with rich media content, including mobile videos.

Highp enables businesses to implement hyper-personal video messaging with SMS invitation channel in a flash.

Highp Veeva approved email addon is a quick and easy extension for rep trigger emailing. Hyper-personalization can be added to any email template without complicated integration.

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