May 20, 2020

USP Zdrowie tests new digital trade communication

USP Zdrowie makes a bold turn into direct digital communication.

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USP Zdrowie will start rolling out the Highp package as soon as possible with a complete operational model and guidelines. The company aims to access remotely major part of physicians and pharmacists on a daily basis. 

Highp team is responsible for end-to-end support, including training programs, service design, and technology. Highp will offer both virtual real-time video meetings as well as push-video messaging enabling representatives to connect in digital with customers.

About USP Zdrowie:

Established 1992 in the United States by Voitek Napiórkowski quickly became a leader in the Polish market for over-the-counter medicines. USP Zdrowie currently has more than 800 employees with offices in Warsaw as well as in Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and the United States. 

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