The Reuters event - full presentation of Michał Komorniczak

On the 20th of October 2020, we hosted a webinar patronized by Reuters. We discussed mainly the future of events, meetings, and conferences. We present you a full version of the presentation by Michał Komorniczak.

The full version of presentation by Michał Komorniczak.

An inspiration to choose a new communication channel

My name is Michał Komorniczak, I’m responsible for the commercial side of things here in Conectmedica, and the strategic customers. 

Through this presentation, I’d like to inspire you with a new approach to communication around congresses. A way that is based on providing a summarized version of the events’ content to physicians.

What to do to improve the recognition of yours event?

Here you can see the medical conferences and the current situation, the current approach. Unfortunately, this is the case that those events are quickly forgotten. There is that limited impact and reach that we've all identified that takes place due to time limitations, sometimes even time differences (for example the global events taking place in the US are certainly a concern). Other obstacles are the lack of networking (something we discussed in our breakout rooms), the language barrier. It’s really important to be able to deliver that Congress information in the local language. On the contrary, you do see some high fixed costs, your Congress sponsorship. If you look at the equation: this is a graph of your population coverage to the cost side of things or the return on investment. I'm sure all of you are wondering: Was it money well spent? Should we do it again next year?

So looking at the way that we implement - an effective way of making everybody remember the Congress by sending to physicians the Congress highlights, the most important thing to do is to use an uncluttered communication channel.

The uncluttered communication channel

For example, for us, SMS is the engine. The physicians receive the SMS message, they click on the tokenized link. Then they’re able to see a face that they are familiar with. Maybe their key account manager, or their MSL. In the video, the representative introduces the topic very briefly. It's a prerecorded video, 30-45 seconds long. That way we are leveraging on the relationship that already exists.

Right underneath the video, we put that rich media content. And that is the interviews with the leading KE's, interviews ideally provided in the local language. So if those are highlights delivered to, physicians in Germany, those highlights will be delivered in German. They might be in Italian, French, and so on.

Finally, there’s a secure way to capture the feedback from physicians. One of you during our breakout session mentioned that feedback is so important in understanding what is that they are interested in, and then being able to tailor your content to their feedback. So at the end of the message, there is the part that is just a way for us to capture that feedback. 

Highp is a tool that does not require HCP to download any applications. I think that's important because we are seeing a little bit of pushback from physicians when it comes to the necessity of downloading an app. The message is delivered directly to their phone. They click on the link and they're connected with the content that we've prepared for them. I think it's also very important to highlight that the summaries should be relatively short. You're looking at three, four-minute video summaries from the events, as I already pointed out, delivered in the local language.

We have broken up this whole process into three distinct phases. There is the pre-conference phase, conference time, and post-conference follow-up. 

The pre-conference phase

The pre-conference phase mainly focuses on the collection of mobile consents, cell phone numbers, the mobile phone numbers. That's the key. Those consents can be gathered during field visits. And I know this is now questionable. In some countries, those field visits are still allowed and in others, we need to rely on digital means. In terms of digital means, we can collect them through consent lending pages or a video messaging tool, such as Highp. A video message can be delivered straight to the physician where he or she would simply say: ‘yes, I do give you my consent’ or if it's not necessarily the case, there is the ‘no’ option.

In terms of the digital ways of collecting consents, and we can not stress this enough, the relationship plays a key role. Distributing only a link to a consent page or a video message to the physician without having that proper relationship in place will simply not deliver the results that you're expecting.

So having a relationship in a place means reaching out to the physician before the message by traditional means: for example a telephone call introducing the topic. Only then should you follow up with a link to a consent page or a video message and collect that formal consent. 

Conference phase

Then there comes the conference itself. 
What have we done in the past and what we can certainly deliver for you is the video recording of key opinion leaders. During the times of pandemic, that video recording can take place remotely. We can conduct video recording with physicians in various countries via remote means. Then the content will be edited and provided to you for your review and approval. What I'd like to also emphasize is the timing of the video recordings. We are conducting those recordings during virtual events. The aim is to deliver those highlights to physicians ideally either during the event or just a few days after the event. So the compliance approval process on your side will play an important role. We have to make sure we can get that content approved relatively quickly. And then we these to your customers in various countries, again, ideally in the local language versions. 

This is an example of a video that we've put together, promoting video highlights to physicians in Germany.

And this is in the field of oncology. Again, it's a text message delivered to a physician, in this case, a summary of all the developments in the field of oncology. Dedicated link physician would click on. They see the face of their representative. Quick Congress highlights that they can scroll through. Here, you can see the interviews with the leading HCPs in the field delivered in the local language, all on their phone. Again, no app installation required. They have the ability to download abstracts, to view more of the versions of the presentations if required. And then that feedback element is available.

We'll certainly be sharing this presentation with you. So just again, it gives you a flavor of what those highlights would look like. 

The post-conference follow-up

Then there's the post-conference follow up. What do you see here?
The pink dotted line is the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve. We all tend to simply forget information. So using the new, fresh form of communication with HCPs, we are able to maintain the interactions by providing valuable content.

Our results

I would like to share with you some of the results we achieved, this is the latest Congress Highlights, ASCO 2020. We were able to certainly have a higher reach versus a traditional conference. We had a 50% click-through rate or, if you will, some are referred to it as a message open rate. That’s something that we are very proud of. 85% of physicians provided us with positive feedback. Again, mainly due to the fact that the content was in a summarized version, of good quality, and delivered to them in a local language. 

And then finally the effectiveness. One of the customers we worked with was able to collect over 1600, nearly 2000 mobile phone number consents based on the promise of delivering these valuable Congress highlights. 

You can see the graph - those consents were collected over time, starting in 2017. So prior to the COVID endemic. But over time, we are able to get that number to nearly 2000 mobile phone number consents. And it was all based on the promise of meaningful content that they can easily access.

Then here's one last example. This was the recent EHA hematology conference. Just to get some of the statistics: 51% click-through rate as part of a day one Congress highlights and that number even increased further to 61% for the day two. That’s something that we are very proud of. Again, the key is providing a summarized version delivered by an uncluttered communication channel with, as one of you pointed out, that human touch, so having that short video from a key account manager or potentially an MSL. 

Use Highp Highlights for your own events

With this slide, I'd like to simply showcase that that very similar approach can be used for your own events that you're organizing, not necessarily a major global Congresses. You can utilize Highp to deliver a personalized message to invite physicians and then follow up with them right after with the summary from your own Congress.

Highp reach

Those projects were launched in multiple countries around the globe here, you can see an overview of the different countries that we have covered for the leading pharmaceutical companies, some represented as part of today's webinar. 

And with that in mind, I'd like to thank you once again for joining today.

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