The future of digital communication

On the 20th of October 2020, we hosted a webinar patronized by Reuters. Our New Business Manager Quentin Duartre and Head of CEE Region and Russia Valentin Moinescu share their vision for the future of sales force and digital communication.

How will the future of events look like?

The majority of the customers used to attend the meetings before the COVID-19 outbreak in person. Now, due to the new reality, they all had to switch to virtual meetings. How will the events of the future look like?
About 87% of the HCPs stated in our poll that after the pandemic there will be a mix between face-to-face and virtual events. Nowadays almost every meeting or conference is held on-line, but in the safer for our health future, we will connect with people F2F again. The lesson that we learned from the COVID-19 outbreak is that we have to create a functioning hybrid model of communication.

How will the future of events look like?

What can we do to ensure our online events and meetings will be successful?

There are three main points that can direct us to the right path to success. 

Digital differentiation.

This is maybe the most important one. Why is that? Simply because all the pharma companies are choosing similar channels or similar ways to communicate with HCPs. Your content will not be seen if you don’t succeed in making your recipient open your message.  It is very hard to manage to stand out from all those emails that HCPs receive every day.

Thinking customer-centric

We need to think more customer-centric. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, we had a chance to force interact with the physicians in a way. Basically, we could wait in front of their offices just to have a face-to-face meeting with them. Now every pharma company ended up with similar solutions that the others have. Sending an e-mail. How to stand out? We need to think about what do the physicians want? What could help them? What could make them want to engage and to stay engaged with us?

Reaching a true hybrid model

We need to reach a hybrid model. Before the pandemic, we used to have the digital model and the Salesforce model separately, no matter how hard we tried to achieve a hybrid model. Every organization, every pharmaceutical company, needs to adapt to that change. We need to embrace the change and make sure that we offer a consistent hybrid model of communication with HCPs. We have to be certain that the focus is put on the customer 

What can we do to ensure our online events and meetings will be successful?

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