Social media marketing and Direct marketing

Communication in the pharma industry is under pressure of new trends

What is social marketing? 

Social marketing is an approach used for activities that aim to change and improve people's behavior for the benefit of individuals and society.  

Social marketing uses marketing principles and strategies to raise awareness about a particular issue. Examples of social marketing include campaigns that highlight the importance of recycling, the dangers of drunk driving, or the effects of smoking on our health.  

What is the difference between social marketing and social media marketing? 

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but we need to understand that they are very different. SMM uses social media and social networks to market a company's products and services. Social marketing campaigns use different communication channels, including social media platforms, but they do not pursue the same goals as SMM. We have to keep in mind that the tools and processes they refer to are very different. We can use social media to create effective social marketing campaigns that make a big difference in people's lives.  

What is social media marketing? 

Social media marketing is one of the most known forms of digital marketing that involves using popular social media platforms and websites for promotion. It can lead to increased brand awareness and community engagement. Social media is one of the most effective free channels for marketing. It has a great share of benefits like driving traffic and building relationships. 

Examples of social media marketing in pharma 

Social marketing undoubtedly has great potential to be used in the pharmaceutical industry. We can use it to create a system that puts the patient first. Social marketing can use a variety of techniques to achieve health behavior change. This can be done through messages that communicate engaging and positive social models for healthy behavior. 

What is direct communication in marketing? 

Direct marketing is all about direct communication channels between the brand or the representative and the targeted customer in private channels with the latter’s consent. This kind of communication spreads swiftly and can be done in several ways, like direct mail marketing, face-to-face selling, or online marketing.   

Social media marketing vs Direct Marketing 

Social media is a great tool for marketing, but it has limitations. An example of this would be the promotion of prescription drugs to doctors. Media coverage can be very large, but in many cases, it has to be bought today. In addition, time to reach doctors stretches because not everyone is available and can see social media content. In this case, direct is a much better option. It arrives immediately, and there is no danger that the recipient will overlook our message. 

Highp as an alternative to social media 

Highp can be an effective alternative to social media in communicating with doctors. The form of an instant SMS message is a good guarantee that our message will reach the recipient, which increases the chances that the presented content will be familiarised. In addition, it is linked directly to the CRM. Highp can help assess the doctor's relationship with the company and take that relationship to another level of communication. If someone is looking for real results and effective communication, Highp is a suitable solution. 

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