Successful SMS communication with healthcare professionals

If used correctly, SMS communication can benefit your brand and have a positive impact on the relationships with HCPs.

Communication via SMS is an effective method of reaching healthcare professionals directly. SMS – short text message - is indeed short (160 letters) and will come from alphanumeric (MYBRAND) or numeric (44123123) numbers to HCPs. We find that regular SMS generates super short attention from HCP (seconds). However, if you enrich SMS with personal information and invitation to rich-media content that opens correctly and quickly on any smartphone, SMS becomes efficient and convenient.  

The Highp platform can send personalized pre-approved text message invitations with unique links to the full Highp message content. Our Highp invitation text messages are up to 7 times longer than regular SMS, providing more space for superb personalization resulting in higher HCP engagement in the link click. By sending over a million messages a year we are able to provide you the best guidelines on how to write the best SMS in over 40 markets. 

Benefits of using SMS as the main channel of communication 

Recent studies find that over 90% of HCPs will not leave home without a smartphone in hand. As a result, over 80% of your target group will open SMS within two hours. When used correctly, SMS communication can benefit your brand and prolong engagement with HCPs.  

SMS is the most direct communication channel and has the greatest chance of engaging recipients. Statistically, 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of their delivery, 82% of people read every message they receive, while 70% of customers consider SMS a good way for business to grab their attention (Daly, 2018). Secondly, SMS is not a crowded channel, so the messages have a higher visibility rate than using other communication mediums, such as e-mail or texting applications. Furthermore, unlike other platforms, SMS alert on some devices can be set to repeat until the recipient opens the message, assuring higher exposure.  

How to communicate successfully via SMS? 

Brand managers should follow certain practices to be effective in SMS communication:

  • Message sent via SMS should be straightforward. It is best to avoid spam-like messages with an overwhelming amount of information. 

  • Focus on the customer perception of the message. Include personal greetings, key takeaways, and sender name. 

  • Provide an option to unsubscribe from receiving further messages. 

  • Always consider timing and appropriate etiquette.  

  • Introduce, or in the case of repeated communication, re-introduce the sender. Use an in-place relationship with field-force. 

  • Explain the context of the transmission and why the sender delivered the message to this recipient. 

Why is communication via SMS more beneficial than other channels? 

Nowadays, recipients have cram-full e-mail inboxes, making e-mail marketing increasingly harder to run. SMS can be noticeably more efficient in reaching the recipients and making sure they are engaged with the message. Every smartphone has SMS capabilities you can use. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, or Signal are still optional features that some HCPs may or may not operate daily.  

As a result by just adding an SMS channel, you can expect a 2x higher engagement rate. With proper implementation, you can reach 55% HCPs in your target on average, up to 85% with the best performing organizations.  

Highp enables you to reach an audience with personalized SMS messages. Recipient engagement increases and the usage of premium video features is most likely. You deliver a superior experience on any device - anytime and anywhere. 

What is the difference between Highp SMS and regular SMS: 

  • Highp SMS is personalized based on a pre-approved text template just before being sent. As a result, it will change according to sender name and title, as well as receiver. It’s build in.  

  • Highp SMS includes unique short link to the complete full rich-media video message that will open on any browser. Each SMS includes different link. As a result, you can exactly find out each representative performance and each customer engagement.  

  • Highp SMS is safer, you can retract the link after being sent 

  • Highp SMS can offers unsubscribe link in SMS 

  • Highp SMS is usually longer than regular SMS offering more meaningful information 

  • Highp SMS has bounce detection, meaning you will get information if phone number is correct and active cell phone number 


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