May 10, 2022

Pfizer is testing Highp for Veeva Approved Email with the goal of doubling HCP engagement

Pfizer has launched two pilot projects in the DACH region.

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Pfizer is currently testing Highp for Veeva Approved Email with the goal of doubling HCP engagement. Highp is a novel solution that stands out from the typical email format and ultimately reaches more recipients. Through this unique feature, Pfizer is able to personalize its Veeva Approved email templates by adding media content along with video messaging from its representatives.

Veeva Approved Email enables field force to trigger send of personal email communication. However, we find it a simple, non-responsive content that can be hiper-customized to help field force engage more effectively.

Highp adds more interactions to the Veeva Approved Email format - the full range of familiar rich media content such as personal video greetings, pre-approved videos, video presentations, images, polls, interactive attachments and more. 

Highp is the fastest way to extend the time of digital interaction with HCPs to achieve promotional and educational goals. Highp messages can be designed by staff without IT skills. Pfizer aims to double promotional KPIs with Highp for Veeva Approved Email.

By adding the Highp link to the Veeva Approved email template, HCPs can see novel content without friction. No app installation is required. No login, no password, and no domain address. A comprehensive, fully personalized experience that includes a video, graphics, text, videos, PDFs and more, all pre-approved and related to the selected topic.

Pfizer has completed the first phase of the pilot. Representatives from the company have been positive about using Highp via Veeva Approved Email - the tool is easy to use and physicians appreciate the personalized content. Pfizer plans to expand the project to other business units and increase the number of representatives. 

We are very excited to be part of Pfizer's digital transformation in the DACH region.

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