Sep 21, 2022

Novartis Germany to enhance Veeva Approved email with Highp

The goal of the project is to double Veeva's Approved Email customer engagement vs simple email.

Highp for Veeva enables hyper-personalization in Veeva Approved emails. The goal is to double customer engagement vs simple email. Highp offers not only personal hyper personalisation but a smart rich media message page that make customer experience frictionless and easy.

Highp does not require any integration with Veeva and is lightning fast in implementation.The Highp end-to-end support team will train client employees on the new Highp RCP operational model to use hyper-personalization and delight customers and improve digital engagement which is crucial part of success.

The pre-built Highp Veeva email templates can be used creatively with any wizard, but we recommend ShamanGo for veeva-compliant email design. Both tools allow you to quickly modify any email and add Highp personal video functionality.

Novartis will be the first company to pilot Highp with GIF animation preview of a recorded video by a representative. Our goal is to continuously improve engagement with new rich media features.

Other Highp for Veeva Approved Email customers have already doubled engagement rates with Highp hyper-personalization.

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