May 22, 2023

Novartis Extends Partnership with Highp's Innovative Video Messaging Platform

Building on a successful pilot program, Novartis Germany has committed to extending its collaboration with Highp, the all-in-one video messaging platform, into 2024

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This strategic move underscores Novartis' focus on harnessing advanced digital solutions to drive industry innovation and growth.

Highp's platform stands out in the digital landscape with its unique capability for hyper video personalization. This tool allows pharmaceutical companies like Novartis to create and deliver rich media content with an unparalleled degree of personalization. The result is more impactful communication with healthcare professionals and patients, leading to improved outcomes and increased engagement.

In addition, Highp's video messaging platform significantly simplifies the process of creating and distributing rich media content in the pharmaceutical industry. With Highp, companies no longer need to create additional websites, engage in extensive code development, or stitch together multiple technologies. Instead, they can focus on crafting compelling, personalized video messages that are delivered quickly and efficiently.

A standout feature of the Highp platform is its seamless integration as an add-on to Veeva, the cloud software leader in the global life sciences industry. This symbiosis between Veeva's robust infrastructure and Highp's innovative video messaging capabilities offers a streamlined, comprehensive solution for pharma companies like Novartis.

Novartis Germany's decision to extend its partnership with Highp into 2024 emphasizes their commitment to digital innovation in pharmaceutical communication and healthcare outcomes. With Highp’s forward-thinking approach, we look forward to more breakthroughs and success stories in the years 2023 and 2024.

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