Mar 1, 2022

Novartis extends Highp pilots

Switzerland, the U.S., Spain, Romania, and Poland are among markets to pilot Highp in Novartis

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Novartis is launching Highp pilots in Switzerland, the U.S., Spain, Romania and Poland. The company is testing Highp Engage and Consent features to promote direct digital interaction with oncologists. Highp will help Novartis do this by providing a complete system for obtaining consent, hyper- personalization of delivered messages, universal multi-part SMS invitations and an extremely short time-to-market.

Digital communications have become an important part of pharma marketing's digital reach. Pharmaceutical companies are looking to reinvent the way they communicate with HCPs. In a recent LinkedIn survey (245 responses), 99% of pharma marketers said that marketing without a sales force is not possible. Highp provides universal access to healthcare physicians in over 42 markets. Highp helps innovative prescription drugs and therapies quickly overcome communication challenges. Highp offers automated and rep-triggered direct messaging beyond cluttered emails. Highp is a video-personalized one-way SMS communication platform to maximize HCP engagement.

Highp extends the regular approach to a multi-channel with a suite of ready-to-use applications - Highp Consent, Highp Message, Highp Presentation and Highp Service Builder. This enables customers to start engaging HCPs in less than 4 weeks.

Highp messages can be delivered via Highp Service Builder (e.g., Marketing Cloud for Customer Journey Design), the Highp application for representatives, or Highp for Veeva Approved Email. The first and second options provide global SMS and email gateways, while the third option supports the Veeva email framework.

All collected data (such as HCPs activities and responses) is available in PowerBI or Salesforce Tableau, or can be integrated internally into Veeva or IQVIA multichannel activity objects using third-party integration tools or files.

Welcome Novartis to our family.

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