Sep 17, 2020

HCP Digital Engagement During COVID-19

Michal Komorniczak (Connectmedica), Chris Easton (Takeda), Erasmus Holm (MSD), shares their best practices on how to engage HCPs during Covid19 lockdowns.

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Nextpharma Webinar HCPs Engagement during Covid 19, 2nd of September 2020.

Use of uncluttered communication channels

A good example of the deployments is launched to a top 5 Global Life science company and deployment of our innovative communication tool in 14 countries across the EMEA Region. With a graph, it is possible to showcase the difference between using our service via traditional email and a text message. You can see that the use of text messages and with a video message generated five times higher results.

Use of uncluttered communication channels

Three principles of Effective Communication

The other aspect of communications is that it should be based on three principles. First is the relationship. Content delivered to physicians should come from the source that physicians are familiar with. Second is the context, it plays a really important role. The physicians need to understand why they are receiving that message and from whom. And then finally there is the value of the content being shared.

Relationships play the most important role. A good example is activating a physician directly by the field force. An example of the Top 10 Global Life science companies of deployment in the EU showed that we were able to achieve an engagement rate of  63%. If you were to compare this to the content delivered by the top three global pharmaceutical companies to a cold database with no activation of HCP's, you can see the engagement level of 11%.

Three principles of Effective Communication

Why Personalisation and Video matters?

Referring to the context of the message: in the statistics, we could see that the engagement rate was twice as high with the video coming from the source that HCP’s are familiar with. We compared the engagement rate of messages sent without personalization to a cold database and those created by a source familiar to HCP’s. It could be a key account manager or NSL, the results were the same whatsoever.

The other important aspect that has been discussed during the webinar is the importance of meaningful content. Some of the examples of content that we have seen generated a lot of attention among physicians here in Europe and globally was a delivery of congress highlights for major medical global congresses. Summaries delivered in a local language exactly to their mobile phone through the use of their video message collected a high engagement rate. The other example of meaningful content is the educational program, micro-learning content. It is delivered directly to physicians, it is something they can access and consume in their spare time. And also popular are all kinds of support applications, either delivered to physicians as the support for their patient therapy or delivered directly to patients as part of the patient support program.

The goal of the deployment of our video communication tool in Germany was to collect e-consents from German-speaking oncologists. Using innovative content we were able to gather up to 18 000 e-consents, nearly 2000 mobile phone numbers of oncologists. The e-consents were given on the promise of delivering video highlights for the important medical oncology events. It shows how important meaningful content plays. With congress highlights, we were also able to achieve an engagement rate of 54% and for Micro-Learning educational content the engagement rate rose to 57%, all in Germany for Top 10 Global Pharma Company.

Why Personalisation and Video matters?

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