Multichannel Touchpoints Roadmap for modern pharmaceutical companies

Modern rich-feature personal messaging, highly valuable services and remote round table meetings empower your team to achieve goals better than off-digital competitors.

Multichannel touchpoint consists of well-aligned emotional and rational salesforce activities.  Take a look at best performing the next generation of Multichannel Touchpoint Roadmap. In this case, it is set up of Veeva + Highp + Adobe Marketing Cloud + Mobile Apps.

Multichannel Touchpoints Roadmap by Highp

As can be seen in the above graph, the division of activities into 4 key moments in which the representative gives a clear picture of the situation and enables to secure expectations.

Before the visit, the representative expects data support and recommendations for conducting the meeting, as well as constant education and information about changes that are understandable. Like a doctor, he has trouble reading all emails.

This process is secured today by several tools, from reporting tools that provide insights, training and finally communication.

At this point, it is worth to mention the difference between integration and automation. Integration is the first stage of application association in which selected data is transferred between systems. Automation allows you to enter the logic of the next actions based on them. Thanks to automation, we can not only react but above all react in accordance with the expectations of the user - increasing his level of satisfaction - which is crucial.

In the second stage, the representative visits the doctor. This is the key moment of building relationships - the moment in which we try to convey the emotional element of communication. We aim to provide rational messages too - providing CLM slides in front of HCP - which has become a curse of meetings and instead of helping, in the hands of poorly trained representatives, spoils the entire emotional effect and does not provide a convincing rational message.

We can improve the process by providing a presentation with video comments from an expert, so that the representative focuses on the emotional message, reinforcing the rational credible message.

Having acquired data from meetings, collected by the representative in CRM or by gathering activity during the presentation, we can automatically perform a number of additional activities. Make additional profiling and provide more information after the meeting. In this way, we will increase the number and quality of rational messages transmitted.

A visit is a great moment to invite a doctor to a dedicated service. Such services can be offered by several companies, from documentaries from key international conferences to instructions and guidelines for therapeutic programs. The website is a service providing information in the form of a series of messages, in accordance with the expectations of the doctor and preferably - responding to the doctor while using the site. Proactive sending of the website to doctors allows providing minimum information, without the need to involve the doctor in pro-active activities like visiting websites, providing the same or better experience and quality.

The communication format is not insignificant. The level of relationship with the sender and the contextuality of the message affect the engagement of the people. These are the intuitive arguments that each of us naturally uses by sifting unwanted messages. T

The next element is "format attractiveness". The text is replaced today by video in all channels - from Facebook, Snapchat to internal communication. People prefer short, reliable video content from text and static images.

In the next stage after the visit, we can perform a series of actions that will allow us to increase the reach, quality of communication, recall and the value of our offer. The representative can send a message after a visit, or instead of a visit. A representative can align the content to HCP, add a personal element of communication, to build relationships remotely.

The next step beyond email and short text messaging is the opportunity of remote meetings that will be more and more appreciated, especially by specialists. Remote meetings may include an alternative to a doctor's appointment or an added value in the form of round tables in a small group of doctors. Returning to the automation, it is worth to ensure that all data from these activities are available to the automation system. Thanks to this, we can re-profile our doctors and provide automatic actions or entire services.

Measures aimed to activate HCP and equip with self-learning tools, such as websites, bots, mobile applications, are out of the scope of this article. I hope this short description of the touchpoints will help you to formulate your roadmap and to notice the differences between the communication formats and the time of use. Nowadays, companies are implementing a new approach to integrated communication, which assumes strengthening sales with digital tools available so far only in mass communication.

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