Common challenges recruiter faces and how to tackle them with technologies?

Employer Branding becomes crucial.

We are all witnessing a process of transformation in recruitment.

The economic world crises of 2008 got us used to an employer’s market and tightening the belt. Filling a vacancy for recruiters was a piece of cake. Luckily harsh times have passed and the economy has managed to recover. Unemployment has been shrinking and more jobs are available on the market. The market advantage has shifted to the employee.

We could open Champaign with happiness, however, what does the employee’s market mean for talent acquisition professionals and recruiters?

Now is the time where the best-qualified applicants get multiple job offers and can be picky. Therefore it is getting more difficult to flood your company with top talent. There is no doubt that e-mail is a top communication channel in the recruiting field. However, this channel is also the most cluttered. Imagine your perfect applicant sitting in front of his/her computer checking an e-mail post.

Can you guess how many messages he/she gets with job offers?

The answer is too many. If your e-mail is one of many others, it is highly possible that it will be unnoticed. What to do to break your offer through the noise? We need to understand the target group and what will catch their attention the most.


By 2020 the Millennials generation will account for 50% of the workforce around the world [source].

There is no surprise that this new generation is taking over the market but companies must be well prepared for answering their needs. Generation shifts at companies demand a change in work culture and organization. So which aspects should recruiters focus their full force?

  • Focus on innovations. Millennials have grown up with new technologies. At times of war for talent, your recruiting process should stand out. Awake their curiosity to your brand from the very beginning.
  • Make it personalized. Believe me, your offer is more likely to be memorable if the candidates see that the message they receive is crafted for them.
  • Build strong Employer Branding. Focus on a long-term strategy. It is worth investing money in marketing tools that will successfully support Your Employer Branding.

You may wonder how to put this information into practice? My suggestion to you is:

  • Deliver your message to an applicant not only by e-mail but also by mobile text (SMS).
  • Make it unique by enclosing personalized videos in which HR Specialist invites applicants to the interview. Such video messages highly support Your branding strategy and show your professional attitude and commitment to the recruiting process. Furthermore, videos for business has become the most powerful way of business communication [source]. Squeeze the lemon and make full use out of it.
  • Introduce top talent to your company. Use a wide range of multimedia to present the information you want to share using videos, graphics or short presentations.
  • Focus on job seekers’ interests. You may prepare an automatic to follow up communique by collecting this data.
  • Do not forget to keep in touch with the applicant after the interview. You may send him/her a video message with, for example, thank-you note or congratulations on getting a job in your company. Why not send a welcome message to the new team member with a short video from the CEO?

The ideas listed above are easy to implement with a marketing tool called Highp.

Not so easy if you want to take the long way with traditional multichannel tools (emailing, text messaging, video html5, RWD and more capabilities are necessary to make this work perfectly and provide great customer experience).

Highp messages put emphasis on a user-centric approach and implement a pull model based on user engagement. This all-in-one omnichannel communication platform is dedicated to forward-looking companies ready to invest in strong employer branding.

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