Unleash the full potential of the conference

Conferences, congresses and symposiums are a crucial part of pharmaceutical marketing activities. At the same time, it is very important for pharmaceutical companies to participate, especially if they have a new product that they are bringing on the market or have some new research they are going to share.

These are big opportunities for the pharmaceutical companies which can’t be missed out. However pharmaceutical companies don’t always have an influence on how a big percentage of the invited population will attend or how much time they can spend with Health Care Professionals. It is also a big cost. Many companies spend even 2 – 4 million euros on investing in these congresses and events over a year. Conferencing focuses on getting the biggest return on investment.

Tools providing a digital service at medical conferences are a necessary addition to standard conference activities.

Stand out

  •  Build your own, complete service, based on the Conferencing tools provided by Connectmedica and engage 45%-75% of HCPs in your target group.

Build attendance

  •  Enter into relations with your receivers and build a contact database

Get to know your receivers’ expectations and opinions

  •  Ask physicians about their needs and interests

Promote effectively after the conference

  •  Keep a tight-knit contact delivering valuable content

Conference Highlights is a complete service delivered to doctors, on the basis of sponsored medical events. This modern service for pharmaceutical companies meets marketing targets such as:

  •  Collecting up-to-date database with consents for processing personal data

  •  Building a brand image, based on innovations

  •  Engaging doctors effectively before, during, and after the conference

  •  With relatively low costs, Conferencing allows for a significant increase in promotional ROI

Step by step how to introduce Conferencing in your team

  •  Create the list of events you plan to participate in.

  •  Contact your consultant at Connectmedica – the consultant will create a program, adjusted to your conference activities: collecting data and opt-ins, pre-conference activities, conference activities or post-conference activities.

  •  Learn the fundamentals of Connectmedica solution – risk balance, number of communique, HCPs exposure to the brand, full database service and learn how we can help with overcoming the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.

  •  Use our help to create business cases and content – we will recruit Key Opinion Leaders for your service

As mentioned before, the goal for the Conferencing solution is to change the way that we look at conferences and events and redefine this opportunity. We want to get a wider percentage of Health Care Professionals involved. During the event we make sure to keep our promise to deliver a service to be able to provide daily highlights of that international event or congress to Health Care Professionals, making sure that we are touching a wider population of the HCP universe and taking some pressure off of not just focusing on physicians that are able to attend but making sure that we are able to hit the targets that are not able to attend because of various reasons. We have an opportunity to engage them a little bit further and keep that relationship going.

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