Revolution in communication between a representative and a consumer

Highp will change the way that companies – that employ representatives – communicate with consumers

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Highp implicates the new trend, using what’s most effective – multichannel, SMS (texts), mobile devices, personalized video messages. All of that together makes marketing super effective.

Highp = High Performance

Highp solution is created for the companies which treat the relationship with customers as the priority, so they can reach their clients fast and effectively. And so it happens – Highp messages are being opened within 2 hours from sending (depending on database quality and the relationship between the representative and clients, the open rate is between 25%-65%). The customer’s positive satisfaction rate of using Highp is 90%! [Data collected from the pilots provided to pharmaceutical companies]

Advantages of Highp

  •   Highp uses parallel communication channels: SMS and e-mail

  •   Works on smartphones without installing any app

  •   Video compression (quality vs streaming speed)

  •   Allows to change or cancel communicate

  •   Allows to see the history of messages

  •   Monitors all activity

  •   Empowers representatives with video communicates

The key difference between e-mailing and Highp is an innovative distribution process, which involves representatives whose role is to personalize the message by recording a video and sending it to the client. It is up to the representatives when they want to send campaigns and which ones – aligning the communication to the client’s needs.

Everything goes through the server, so the message is always visually rich, safe – the only recipient can see it. The server follows all consumer’s activity.

The pipeline of Highp’s technology development is focused on data analysis (big data), deep learning and empowering representatives in proper aligning of communication – which increases sales.

Highp is also a tool allowing for creating spectacular follow-up, realizing webinars, creative product launching, enriching landing pages… The sky is the limit.

Insight is the key thing

It is more than obvious, that e-mail has a serious competition, which brings digital communication to the new level, unavailable for e-mail or call center. Highp is integrated with the biggest CRM and Marketing Automation systems. Thanks to calling to action options and full analytics, companies using Highp can effectively collect insights, both declarative and nondeclarative. It is a very important function, especially in professional sectors, such as banking, pharmaceutical industry or e-commerce.

Time to implement

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