Personalized Video Sales Campaigns – Alternative to inefficient mailing

When you hear ‘email marketing’ you think Outlook, e-newsletters, short and witty subject line, 10% open-rate and many bounce mails. Despite what we’ve been told lately, email marketing days are not consistently fading away. Quite the contrary: email marketing expenses grow 10% year over year, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase based on a promotional email last year. Experiments show your marketing message is 5 times more likely to be seen through email than on Facebook! It certainly is a field to fight for in you want to keep up with the best horses in this marketing race.

But don’t rush. You can’t send just any add or newsletter, it has to be outstanding, as there is NOTHING irritating people more than useless mails. Take a look at blog posts and web discussions about unwanted content. Let me assure you that ‘useless junk mail’ is the nicest description I could find. Not to mention quotes about those who SEND the adds. I was surprised by the number of hate spammers incite.


Email campaigns including VIDEO are bringing 40 % higher revenue than sole text + pictures. Unfortunately, incorporating video into emails meets various technical obstacles and is not used by marketers. Why? We asked Highp Research & Development Team Leader, Greg Kolasa, to explain it to us in understandable terms:

There is an opinion in the sales world that video emailing campaigns are very difficult to conduct. Why is that?

Well, the main problem is the video file size. If a normal text mail has 0.001MB, a high quality 15 seconds long film takes… 10MB! You can also fit the file to take 2-3MB, but the quality will be very bad. Imagine you try to send a 10MB video to 10000 clients. What you get is a whole lot of data that is likely to get lost on the way.

Will it be dropped to the SPAM folder?

It’s highly probable. Usually, servers try to protect us from unwanted advertising which could contain harmful messages. If you subscribe for a newsletter, or opt-in for brand publicity, your mail client won’t really know what to do with it. Usually, mailboxes capture content, which is sent to many users in identical forms. This is the reason companies started addressing these emails “Dear + name”, so the server sees the message as personal. Still, the content is so similar, it will often be classified as SPAM or even rejected in the cloud.

This is exactly the problem we tried to minimize while creating our Highp. Messages sent with Highp technology are personalized right from the start: They are usually sent on behalf of the sales representative, so the recipient already knows the sender. On mail and SMS level, this sender is a real person, with a name, not a company. So we have one personal account sending a message to one specific group – let’s say, 1500 clients. Chances the system will throw that content in SPAM bulk are small.



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