How to maximize the effects of conference

Conference. If you begin to shake every time someone says this word because you know how much effort it costs to show your company up at such event and how miserable effects it brings, it means you are the right person to receive this message. We understand you.

Too many tasks, too little time

We know that when you think about an event your actions focus on how will people see your company at the exhibition hall – your booth, fliers, booklets, etc. And of course, participating in conferences and congresses and the way your company presents itself plays an important role in creating brand awareness but…

Well, there are a few “buts”. First of all – where’s your audience? Did you invite them to the event? Yeah, ok, you emailed them but did they open the message? Did they like your message? Secondly, will they show up at the event? How long will they remember your company?

It is extremely important to remember that the lifetime of information is very short. According to Ebbinghaus’es Forgetting Curve, people lose around 70% of what they have learned just 3 days after the event. And when it comes to your clients, you don’t want them to forget about your company, do you? The solution is very simple - remind of yourself after the conference! Look at the Forgetting Curve below. If you provide a proper follow-up, your audience will remind themselves about you immediately.


Introducing Conferencing solution

We divided conference activities into 3 phases to make event promotion more efficient. First, you need to plan your actions and collect customer opt-ins. In the pre-conference phase, your main challenge is to increase awareness of your brand and engage your audience. We provide integrated tools to build a detailed database – Datuso - and initiate the communication – Highp.


Phase 1 of conferencing

Then there’s the event. Usually it’s more than just one day event, and to differentiate yourself, you have to be one step further than other companies. Think of the daily highlights from the conference, wouldn’t be that nice to receive a brief info on the most important information via SMS and emails, when you’re back in your hotel? As they say, repetition is the mother of all learning – that’s why we deliver more and more via Highp messages.


Phase 2 of conferencing

Speaking of the repetition – it’s quite usual that companies end their conference activity on the last day of the event. To stay remembered it is highly important to keep the communication ongoing, for example by sending Highp to follow up messages weekly. Your company may also attach interactive DBE presentations, video commented by Key Opinion Leaders, to increase the credibility of the communication.


Phase 3 of conferencing

There’s another advantage of Connectmedica’s conferencing solution – you may use once built database during future conferences and stay remembered longer than others.

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