How to effectively use last budget pennies for your campaigns?

Use the staying sum of your Q4 budget in the best possible way.

The year is quickly heading towards its end. The few last pages on your thinning calendar remind you of the sad truth:  Time is money, and you have not much time and not much money left.

As a pharma marketing director or key account manager, you race to find some quick and brilliant ideas to use the staying sum of your yearly promotional budget. Often, funds that remain untouched in November get wasted. Usually, Q4 means the funds left for product promotion are pretty low, but companies that have come across rule 78 know each dollar spent on marketing at the end of one year means 78 dollars of sales during the year to come.


So, you need a quick, great promotion, but have no money for big advertisements like TV or billboard campaign. On the other hand, cheaper options, like mailing or flyer printing just doesn’t convince you, they may not bring any effects at all.  What should you do?

In this situation, you can create and quickly send a fruitful campaign with Highp video messaging tool. Create your video campaign and send it to your customers via SMS or email as a creative way of telling your customers ‘, Hello, you are important to us. Please have our product in mind when preparing your next year's budget!’ All you need is a mobile device. Here are four simple steps to do it:

  •  Contact Connectmedica sales experts to help you create a Highp environment. You will then be able to buy credits and provide Highp experts with all your campaign content. This can be done in 1 day.
  •  Take a mobile device and record yourself or a colleague, e.g., Key Account Manager, Sales Director or Key Opinion Leader. This short film is a personalized video greeting viewed by your customers at the beginning of the message. For best effects, the speaker should be a person your customer already knows.
  •  Then add text and attachments about the product, like PDF files and PP presentations.
  •  At the final stage, add a call-to-action button, like a ‘Would you like further contact from us’ question. And send this message to your list of recipients.

There, your Q4 sales budget is spent fruitfully. Highp pricing policy is company-friendly, as you pay for opened messages only. Costs start with a 2.5 euro per viewed message. Now you can close your yearly budget with the certitude this money has been spent in the best of possible ways… Enjoy!

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