Five powerful tips on how to increase open rate

The secret of high open-rates – marketers would kill for it… Sell their souls for a simple rule boosting their e-mail clickability to 40 or even 30 %. They could certainly use a good tip, so let’s help them out and analyze: What do we know about the problem?

First truth: the longer your recipient list, the lower your open-rate. A possible reason for this is because smaller companies are more likely to have personal relationships with their subscribers.

Secondly, people prefer to read content from organizations they belong to or support, like churches, foundations, and sports teams.

Furthermore, the more specific and narrow your topic, the more your message will be viewed. As for sending time, 50% of opens occur within the first 6 hours after the mail is sent, and 80% in 48 hours.

Now 5 Tips that will help you reach the customer with 55% open-rate (using Highp tool). Notice: Highp messages are sent as links and received via SMS (recipient just requires a smartphone) and e-mail

  •   Personalization

And by that, I do not mean a simple e-mail with Dear mr.X  greeting on the top. Of course, you can play it this way and model yourself on blogs but… that’s passé. Who reads spam with their name in the title? You don’t.

What kind of personal greeting is actually credible in marketing? In the studied case physicians had regular contact with representatives, so the relationship had already been personal. This contact was leveraged to add personalized video greetings; the representatives recorded messages, like: ‘Hello Mrs. Yand, it was great seeing you yesterday. I am now sending you some additional info about the product we discussed’.

The video greeting is a smart novelty, very powerful in marketing, sales or education. Depending on campaign purposes, it can be recorded by product managers, marketers, thought leaders or salespeople.

  •   Interesting content

Obvious of the obvious. And yet, let me repeat. Highp campaign consisted of various content forms: video message with content “teaser”, short message and attachments including PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, images, and text. This way, marketing content becomes highly interesting.

Please note, most best-rated marketing campaigns contain both images and text, sometimes also video.

  •   Custom-tailored approach

A message for everyone is good for no one. Be sure to adapt your content to a specific group of recipients! Do NOT bombard teachers with construction gear publicity. Craft your message using language and topic which are understandable for your chosen group and take the time to pick only the right contacts from your list.

  •   Notify about campaign BEFORE it takes place

Highp messages were anticipated because representatives told physicians they would receive some news soon. A telemarketing campaign supported the whole action.

If you wish to increase open-rates, inform your customers about the upcoming campaign and get their opt-ins.

  •   Appropriate timing

Tuesday afternoon – according to surveys, it’s the perfect moment for high open-rates. Sadly, this period is also considered to be THE worst time of the week for most of us due to emotional and professional stress. Important: As for this point you still have to conduct research on your target group. Maybe their work or social specific slightly differs from the average and another day would be more suitable?

So here you have five essential tips to remaster your sales campaign and boost your open-rates. You can do it step by step on your own, or use a creative tool, like Highp.


Highp – High-performance video messaging tool designed to deliver personalized content to your customer, just in time.

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