Easy ways to significantly increase your marketing open rate

Key factors in improving your customer engagement rate.

The pharmaceutical industry went through a massive transformation over the last few years. There’s a significant impact of digitalization noticeable in the way companies communicate with their customers. Today’s communication is no longer limited to sending messages – it’s all about delivering an experience to the clients. Statistics indicate that the most common way of communication is still email, even though the average open rate for emails is only around 19%.  While the pharmaceutical market is changing fast, companies should focus on building an innovative service for clients, based on various channels.

How to empower communication?

The key to success in communication lies in personalization and automation


Still, there’s a significant role for the representatives in the company-customer communication.

Reps can be effective messengers for digital messages. Doctors are far more likely to open an email that comes directly from their pharmaceutical rep (35% will open such correspondence) than if it comes from the manufacturer (3%). [source]

But the email channel is getting less effective every day. Not only is it cluttered - it doesn’t allow for the ability to hold a digital dialogue between a company and its customers.

While companies are struggling to segment their clients and target their communication, the real challenge is how to start interacting with clients, so the company gets to know what they really need. So here’s the question…

Has your company already used other communication channels and increased its message open rate by up to 55%?

There’s a digital race among the biggest pharma companies. In the era of online marketing, companies must focus on unique solutions that combine rich visual effects, true personalization, automation and which allow building a relationship with customers. This is all so they can create a customer-driven service. An example of such a solution is Highp – a modern omnichannel tool for marketing and sales team.

Using Highp, your company sends communiqué via emails and text messages. The SMS channel is less cluttered. Also, texts are more personal than emails so recipients open them more often [source].

If you already wonder how much more revenue personal text messages will generate, you should hear more of High Performance messaging for business.

More about Highp

Highp is much better than sending 160 characters – you send a personalized notification with a hyperlink. There’s no need to install any app – just click on it, and your customer gets a full message with a welcome video from the representative, predefined videos, pictures, presentations – all they need in just one message. But there’s another essential aspect of Highp communication – two-way dialogs thanks to “Call to Action” buttons, which allow to collect insights, build advanced customer profiles and automate communication. Fully tailored communication!

So this is exactly what companies should do to increase their open rate even by 11 times and convert it to more sales.