How to build engagement among healthcare professionals today?

Building and maintaining strong relationships with health professionals is challenging. With the help of Highp, you can improve your relationships with health professionals, regardless of the circumstances.

Many common practices and relationship dynamics have changed with the popularization of remote work. Patients are encouraged to book video or phone appointments instead of physical visits. (John Hopkins Telemedicine, 2020). The shift from in-person appointments to telemedicine and the use of online video services has been made possible by popular communication platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Facetime. Thanks to these technologies, patients can seek medical advice from the comfort of their own homes, and healthcare practitioners can save time and provide ad hoc medical advice during patient visits. Because of the many benefits, it is expected that many healthcare professionals will continue to use online services even as they return to their normal work practices (Borfitz, 2020).

Despite the benefits, the shift to online has negative consequences for medical representatives. Contact by phone or through communication platforms is hardly the same as a face-to-face visit with an HCP. Representatives are no longer able to visit HCPs in person, which can lead to lower engagement with company communications and deterioration of relationships.

What can be done to maintain a good relationship with HCPs in the digital world? 

  • Medical professionals should be informed about the communications they will receive. Representatives can do this by contacting HCPs by phone and informing them of the campaign that will be launched soon.

  • The context of the campaign should be explained or even touted. For example, an upcoming event, the launch of a new drug, or a lecture by a well-known professor is a good reason to briefly tout this medical activity and then communicate it. Placing the message in a specific context increases interest in the future communication.

  • Use technology that is device and platform agnostic. Do not force your customer to install your application in order to connect with you. This is even more important if your preferred platform loses support for mobile devices (Microsoft Teams in December 2020) or requires a dedicated app to be installed (Skype). 

Once the rep has established an established relationship with HCPs, digital communication has a much higher chance of success. Using Highp, you can reach up to 85% of recipients.

Consider implementing the following steps into your communication with HCPs:   

Conduct an audit of your database before launching the campaign

Highp enables consent collection, in which HCPs can specify whether they are interested in receiving information about a given product. Once consents are collected, validating all e-mails and phone numbers gathered in the database is required. Furthermore, the project manager should continuously verify the contacts throughout the project and ensure whether the data is up to date.    

Stay consistent

Reach HCPs through a communication channel that has already been used. If you have sent text messages in the past, do not suddenly switch to email.

Discover the channel that works best

When launching a campaign for the first time, try running it through multiple channels (e.g., SMS and email). This can increase the reach of the message and increase the chance of reaching the intended recipients. Some of the customers will open your video content first on mobile and then on desktop for convenience.

Use best practices for content design

When sending text messages and emails, make sure to set up an appropriate sender name. It's best to use names that are familiar to recipients or have value to HCPs. Remember that a message sent from an unknown number or email address will most likely be considered spam, making it unlikely that the HCP will open the message.

Leverage the perception of value propositions

If possible, use the name of a well-known professor or healthcare professional in the message to encourage HCPs to engage more with the content.

Personalize invitation messages

Using generic templates significantly reduces engagement. Play around with personalization and context. 

Get feedback 

Use CTAs (call-to-actions) that allow you to solicit feedback from HCPs and, based on that, ensure the campaign is tailored to their needs.

Apply agile management

The outcome of your modern communication will be measured by the attention span of the HCPs targeted. Later, it will be converted into HCP decision-making patterns that lead to better patient adherence, higher number of treatments, and higher vote share. Detailed information about the outcome of your campaign should not focus on open rate, but on dwell time and any activity data that indicates high interest in your content. As the year progresses, focus on continually improving your sales force's capabilities to capture HCPs' attention and retention.

Highp enables high-quality video messaging that drives better results by attracting more HCPs' attention. Highp can be broadcast as a campaign on behalf of reps or at the request of reps. In either case, a personally tailored video can build short- and long-term relationships. This sets Highp apart from other providers and their customers to deliver more customer relationship-related communications.

Highp works with the most powerful communication channels, such as SMS, without installing an app or accepting a meeting. The service is fully compliant with global pharma marketing standards. Highp can also be used for value-added video services such as conference highlights, webinars or training programs. During the global transition to telework, Highp has proven to be highly effective in reaching HCPs and improving their engagement.


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