The expertise of the Highp operational model

Highp is the most efficient tool in reaching HCPs and building engagement on the market. Its operational model aims at delivering results, at the same time improving the relationships among representatives and physicians.

Various tools on the market aim to make communication with healthcare professionals more efficient. One of them is Highp Video Messaging - a brand-new approach to reaching HCPs. The main differentiator from other tools is that Highp brings a new operational model within the technology approach. With Highp, you can incorporate a field force video presence to gain the more substantial attention of HCPs in digital channels. Statistically, a viewer remembers 95% of video content vs. only 10% of written one (Slice, 2017). Video content also drives engagement twice as high in comparison to traditional email communication.  Once you add rich-media and key opinion leaders videos to your communication and deliver it via uncluttered SMS communication channel, open rates can reach 99% via SMS (Tatango, 2020), engagement with the message significantly increases up to 85%, 55% on average (Highp Annual Engagement Report, 2020). 

Highp is already present in over 40 markets around the globe. Since its launch, it went through various transformations, making it the most reliable communication tool for medical representatives and HCPs. By using Highp, you can drive their engagement from 1% up to striking 55%.

After completing countless projects and receiving feedback, we came up with key elements and a new, improved operational model. Here are the main takeaways:

  • The new relationship-based approach to communication   

“Relationship is everything” in post-pandemic marketing (Balis, 2021). HCPs can be overwhelmed with endless e-mails. Highp leverages an existing relationship with HCPs to boost attention. Field force “extra effort” of recording personal video messages signals HCP about the importance of their  relationship and message. It’s behavioral marketing empowered with smart technology.  

  • Run micro-campaigns based on context  

An appropriate context will help your team deliver higher engagement rates. Highp offers management of micro-campaigns that consist of 4 to 5 sections, delivered over a defined period. They are designed to engage field-force marketing. Each representative provides personalized content that adds value to the communication. As a result, your embedded product message will gain stronger attention of HCPs along the time gaining higher SOV.  

  • Deliver content that drives better perception of added-value services  

HCPs are overwhelmed with daily promotional and medical e-mails. HCPs struggle to  find whether the news contain something important or not. It’s easy to miss highly valued content. To make a difference choose rich-media content over SMS to lift the engagement rates over 7.44 times (Randle, 2018). Bundle your content around services like video conference highlights or weekly scientific video comments from KOLs to boost perception of value proposition.   

  • Focus on smartphones  

Highp offers heightened exposure, as the campaigns are delivered via SMS. Short Message System is too simple to transfer any value proposition; however, Highp’s longer and personalized style can effectively gain attention and credibility. SMS channel makes HCPs more likely to open link  to the final destination – your rich-media video message. As a result, you can reach up to 80% of the target group within just 2 hours. There is no other channel that gives you such quick and wide access to HCPs worldwide.   

  • A personalized approach to communication

According to McKinsey & Company, personalized marketing increases its efficiency by 10 to 30 percent and can lift revenue by 5 to 15 percent (Content Writers, 2019). Highp offers personalisation of the message or the whole campaign, simultaneously bringing benefits to your company and enabling forming a better relationship between the representatives and HCPs.   

  • Make the best of your field-force 

Highp has been developed specifically for the pharmaceutical market, and all our apps are designed to make the daily routines of a modern remote representative flexible and satisfactory. Highp addresses most scenarios, including setting scheduled and on-demand screen-to-screen meetings, as well as sending video messages when HCP is not available for an online appointment.   

  • Consent and data management

Thanks to technology, the operating model is increasingly more insightful. Highp has a data management feature, enabling verification of information provided by the representative.    

  • Database quality with embedded bounce detection

Highp automatically reports whether your contacts are correct. Bounce detection is built-in, providing real-time insights into the correctness of the database.  

  • Repetitive efficiency

Companies expect results, not experiments. Therefore, with the implementation of Highp, we provide a list of requirements and recommendations, so your company can maximise the efficiency of communication with HCPs.     

  • Feedback and results

Highp model provides tracking and insights into results and efficiency of the conducted campaign and delivered communication. It can capture feedback from physicians by including a poll at the bottom of the Highp message.
The operating model of Highp aims at delivering desired results and making your communication more efficient. It works on the SMS channel, providing the highest possible exposure, without the need to download an app, install additional software, or accept a meeting. The service is fully compliant with global pharmaceutical marketing standards and has been utilised in over 40 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Highp operating model assures a superior experience on any device - anytime and anywhere.   

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