Highp message design step-by-step guide

Highp creator has changed the game. Our innovative platform offers a level of personalization and convenience that was previously unheard of in the industry. With Highp messaging, businesses and pharma marketers can deliver targeted messages directly to their customers' mobile devices in real-time, allowing for instant communication and feedback.

Highp is a versatile tool that simplifies the process of creating and delivering messages, invitations, and campaigns. With Highp, you can create powerful and engaging content with just six easy steps. Here's how:

Step 1: Choose your campaign language and type, and select how you want to distribute it - either through representatives or on a scheduled basis. If you choose the latter, you can use the multi-video component to include different videos based on the sender.

Step 2: Create your email and SMS invitation using shortcodes to personalize the message. You can also use powerful features like GIF animation of a recorded video by the representative, which can make a huge difference in engagement.

Step 3: Create your message - this is an interactive landing page. Just drag and drop one of 12 powerful components and configure each of them. You can use content from your DAM like Veeva Vault or upload pre-approved content from Highp's media asset library.

Step 4: Create your target group by selecting from a list or using pre-defined segments.

Step 5: Select the start and stop of your campaign.

Step 6: Double-check the status of your campaign and download the code for the Veeva Approved Email template


Final result - Unlock the Power of Video Communication

Highp messaging is a powerful tool for pharma marketing to engage with their customers and create a seamless customer experience beyond emailing. With Highp messaging, customers can receive personalized messages directly on their mobile devices as well as desktops, allowing pharma marketers to communicate with them in real-time. The platform also offers features like automated messaging which can help pharma marketers streamline their customer service operations and improve response times.

Marketing data shows that Highp messaging has an average click through rate (CTR) of 56% - a 30 fold better click-through rate (CTR) than regular emailing. These high engagement rates are due to the platform's ability to deliver timely and relevant messages to customers, helping pharma marketers build stronger relationships with their audience. With Highp messaging, pharma marketing can expect to reach their customers with a personalized, convenient, and engaging experience, resulting in a significantly higher CTR than traditional email marketing.

With Highp, you can send invitations to customers via email and SMS, or Veeva Approved Email, and provide a great experience with content such as videos, surveys, links, attachments, and more. The Highp message format looks and feels great on both mobile and desktop, making it easy to engage with your target audience.

What's more, Highp doesn't require any coding, making it simple, cost-effective, and fast to implement. With just a few clicks, you can create powerful and engaging campaigns that drive results. Try Highp today and see the difference it can make for your business!

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