Highp for Veeva CRM Approved Email

Veeva CRM Approved Email with Highp add-on offers 2 times higher open rates and improved customer satisfaction

Veeva CRM Approved Email - what is it?

Veeva CRM Approved Email is an email platform integrated with Veeva CRM that enables pharma sales teams to send customized, approved content to HCPs while maintaining compliance. Available on online and mobile CRM platforms, it helps field sales reps connect with hard-to-reach customers and enable personalized interactions.

Veeva Approved Emails use HTML, can be tailored to specific HCPs, and are centrally managed through Veeva Vault to ensure compliance. To use them, the field representative simply selects an account in the Veeva app, chooses an email template, makes the necessary customizations, and sends it.

How does the Veeva Approved Email work?

With Veeva CRM Approved Email, you can send custom, approved content via email to extend your personalized interactions with customers without compromising compliance. Field reps use Veeva Approved Emails to share engaging, compliant content with customers. This allows them to start a dialog with HCPs who do not have room for a face-to-face conversation or continue the sales conversation after an initial interaction with the field representative. Field reps can send content at any time with just a few taps by accessing predefined and approved templates and customizing them to their needs. 

All documents are stored in a secure, cloud-based content management application, so messages remain compliant and up-to-date regardless of when an email is sent or opened. With easy access to predefined templates and approved content, sales reps can approve content with just a few taps and at any time of day. In addition, Veeva Approved Email provides detailed reports that allow sales reps to check the status of emails sent, opened, or clicked in real-time.

Highp for Veeva Approved Email - a new feature that makes a difference

Even though Veeva Approved Email is different from normal email communication, it is still an email with simple, non-responsive content that needs to be adapted to the given format. Highp offers the ability to include rich media content in a simple Veeva Approved Email that is fully customized to the customer's needs, most notably a personalized video of the representative. By adding a hyperlink below the button in the Veeva Approved Email template, HCP can open the personalized message that includes a video with a familiar face, graphics, text, videos, PDFs, and more, pre-approved and related to the selected topic. Highp can link content published in Veeva Vault. 

For reps, using Veeva CRM does not change much, it just adds an extra step to the entire process of sending the email - recording the video. In addition to the Highp Message placed below the hyperlink, the Veeva Approved email template contains another hyperlink that is visible only to the representative. By clicking on this additional hyperlink, the representative opens the recorder and can record the personalized video message for the HCP using the approved script. Clicking the Save button automatically saves the video message in the Highp message as one of the components prepared for the HCP. 

Results of using Highp for Veeva Approved Email

The element of personalization and the ability to add rich media content bring great results. One of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world decided to launch a small pilot project to see how their representatives would take to capturing their own data. They selected 5 representatives from a business unit and reached out to cardiologists in the DACH region. It turned out that open rates doubled compared to their regular email communications. In the 4 months that Highp was deployed through Veeva, 84% of emails were opened and 85% of videos were watched. The pharmaceutical company has decided to expand the entire project to 3 more business units and a larger group of participants. The key factor for this success is the attitude of the sales and marketing managers and especially the sales reps, who were motivated by the great results and were ready to use a new tool to stand out from the competition.

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