Extending your Customer Relationship Management platform

Highp extends CRM capabilities to the new level of video presence

What is CRM?

By definition, CRM is a set of strategies and methods whose main goal is to increase customer loyalty and reduce the cost of service, advertising, and sales. CRM can mean something different to each individual. CRM has targeted management of customers and customer care, carried out to build a loyal group of long-term customers of the company.  

The company can use an IT CRM system to implement the CRM philosophy. Such a system collects customer data, including customer preferences and characteristics, history of cooperation with the company, products used by the customer, and more. 

CRM in pharma marketing 

Veeva CRM and IQVIA OCE are good examples of dedicated CRM in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a standardized CRM for the pharmaceutical industry. Salespeople or representatives can use it to continuously maintain relationships with customers, while marketing and salespeople can access and report on the results of their activities. CRM helps close the loop between plans, actions, and results. 

How to use CRM in digital communication? 

Ten years ago, CRM was primarily used to track various field force activities. Today, CRM can be extended to include multiple communication endpoints such as email, SMS, presentations, or remote meeting. The stored information can be analyzed to create the next best-recommended action or the 360 reports multichannel marketing campaigns.  

The next step for pharma marketing is to go beyond regular channels like email and maximize customer engagement. Using different methods such as hyper-personalization, new rich media message formats, video, and agnostic channels like SMS for invitations. 

Highp is a perfect add-on to CRM. 

Highp is a new attention-grabbing promotion or educational direct to HCP message. It simplifies communication using SMS as the main channel to get HCP's attention on mobile devices. It is a tool that helps companies differentiate communications from the competition and improve the sales force's digital performance by enriching static text-graphic emails with more nowadays video-first, mobile-first eye-catching format.  

A personalized video or audio from a representative can be added to any message just before delivery to HCP and will focus HCPs attention on content. It can maintain a positive impression after a personal meeting or replace it altogether. In times of pandemic, it is an indispensable solution to keep customer loyalty constant. 

What are the benefits of CRM?  

By collecting and managing customer data, we can predict their behavior and needs depending on their characteristics. This allows the sales department to better prepare for the challenges ahead. CRM will also facilitate the optimization of marketing activities and allow for reliable reports and accurate data analysis, reflected in a growing group of long-term customers. So, what are you waiting for? 

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