Jan 12, 2022

Exceltis will use Highp to promote new products

Exceltis Poland becomes Highp customer.

Highp will help Exceltis' sales force effectively promote new products beyond their fully booked visit schedule. With the Highp application, Exceltis representatives can trigger additional promotional messages after a visit, call or remote meeting. In this way, the client can successfully promote more products in a meaningful way. Our RCP operating model helps the customer set up appropriate routines to maximize HCP engagement.

Digital direct communication with HCPs is the new trend that offers higher engagement rates with quick results. Highly direct communication with HCPs facilitates the client's existing resources such as sales representatives, MSL or remote representatives. Without additional resources, Exceltis was able to set up advertising campaigns in less than a month. Compared to mass digital communications such as emailing, websites and online ads, direct communications offer superior results, which is why they require a customer database with up-to-date consent and mobile numbers as the primary communication channel. Exceltis was already well prepared to take advantage of Highp. Creating new messages in the Highp format, contextual invitations, and sending messages require marketers and representatives to have new skills, policies, and blueprints. Exceltis began implementing Highp with an RCP training program for both field sales and marketing to maximize ROI.

Welcome Exceltis to our family.

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