Digital marketing trends that rule the pharmaceutical industry in 2021

With the transformation into the remote working environment, 2021 has brought about new challenges for the pharmaceutical industry and marketing activities. With the ongoing changes, brands are looking for new ways to communicate with healthcare professionals and promote their products in the online realm. One of those ways is implementing Highp – a new, technological approach to communication with HCPs.

Times are changing, and companies must proceed accordingly to stay relevant by using appropriate marketing strategies. Below you can find the trends that are shaping the marketing practices in the pharmaceutical industry this year, and how Highp can help in achieving your goals:   

The relationship not only important, but it is everything.   

Relationships with HCPs have always been an important part of any marketing strategy in the pharmaceutical industry, however with the shift into the remote force field, they have gained additional importance. Trust and integrity are key factors in driving market momentum (Balis, 2021). While forming new relationships, it is crucial to focus on selling practical solutions that will develop trust between parties instead of just commercial products (Balis, 2021). With Highp, you can develop relationships or deepen the existing ones by recording personalized video messages and creating meaningful content.  

Emphasis on engagement.   

Digital solutions require a high understanding of what our recipient needs (Kruglyak, 2021). While conducting a marketing campaign, reaching your target audience is important; however, making them engaged with your communication is key. With Highp, you can reach an average engagement rate of 55%, shifting up to 85% (Highp Annual Engagement Report, 2020).

Hyper personalization.   

The times of “one message fits all” marketing are long gone. Physicians are overwhelmed with the number of messages they get every day, so the communication requires an individualized approach. Hyper personalization equals better business results (Jain, 2021). Using Highp, you can add various components – unique video content, to make sure that your communication is exclusive for the targeted audience.  

Integrated interface.  

Utilizing multiple platforms and channels to reach your goals is time-consuming and not effective in reaching and engaging healthcare professionals. Highp is based on an integrated ecosystem that does not require installing additional software or applications. It also suits multiple scenarios, such as setting screen-to-screen meetings or sending video messages. Integrated interfaces serve both the busy schedules of physicians and the digital platforms that aim to reach HCPs, simultaneously maximizing revenue (Jain, 2021).

Effective measurement of results.

Measurement is a crucial factor in optimizing marketing campaigns, followed by establishing reachable KPI’s (Kucheriavy, 2021). Once the campaign is launched, it is vital to track your results, measure the communication's effectiveness and improve areas that underperform. Highp provides tracking and insights about the campaign, as well as feedback forms for the physicians to complete after they have read the message. By measuring the results, you can improve both the relationship with physicians by assessing their satisfaction and enhance your brand’s performance.    

2021 posed new challenges for digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. Sales representatives are required to find new ways to interact with healthcare professionals, while marketers have to maximize the digital landscape's potential. With Highp, you can do both. By implementing personalized video messages and engaging content sent via SMS, you can expect outstanding results. Highp has been utilized in over 40 pharmaceutical companies globally, successfully reaching physicians and developing relationships between them and representatives. All in one platform – anytime, anywhere. 

by Natalia Dercz

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