How to keep the team motivated in the new remote work environment.

Experts from the pharmaceutical industry share their tips on creating a comfortable, virtual environment while working remotely.

How to build empathy in a virtual environment?

Priya Kapoor-Hingorani - Vice President at GSK
During the pandemic, we have to be flexible with the working hours. Empathy is understanding that people may not be able to work in a virtual environment the same as usual. They might not have proper surroundings to work. Additionally, we have to ensure that we organize daily check-ins during working hours to ensure everyone is feeling alright. Do not just ask work-related questions. Ask about the family, personal matters. Stay connected. Lastly, encourage people to work wherever they feel comfortable. They may not have a dedicated home office area for work. They may work from the couch. Their spouses may be working next to them, and their children might be around. And that is okay. Embrace the vulnerability in inviting colleagues from work to your house. Because that is what virtual meetings are.
Empathy does not happen overnight. It is a
process you need to keep going through consistently.

Virtual empathy is not easy.

Sandra Bichl - CEO at Career Angels.
Put intention into one specific thing in order to create an empathetic environment. What usually happens naturally and effortlessly within a work setting, now requires effort and energy. 

How to keep the team motivated?

Federico Fanti - Global Head of Operations at LEO Pharma.
Setting a regular meeting with the team or one-to-one is always essential. We need to remember the importance of sharing, the ways in which we can support one another. It is crucial to keep the team's spirit, even in a remote environment.

The meetings should include drinking coffee together, discussing current matters, talking about life, vacations, family, and sharing personal insights. Staying connected is one of the most critical aspects of working remotely. 

To feel supported is to be motivated.

Ibrahim Jallo - Brand Manager at AstraZeneca.
We tend to miss the small things from the face-to-face work setting. Time spent in the office kitchen, discussing unofficial matters over a cup of coffee. When managing people, we have to make ourselves available for those around us, those who might need our support. To feel supported is to be motivated. Keeping in touch goes a long way to motivate the team. 

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