Creating a proper connection with physicians

Michał Komorniczak shares his observations and tips on communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the things that we have learned at Connectmedica is that the most efficient and beneficial communication is based on the relationship with HCPs

Imagine receiving a message from me a month ago. Would you engage with that message? The answer is, you probably would not. But, imagine receiving an SMS from someone you know. The situation changes, and that message is much more likely to be opened. The physician's engagement increases, especially if the message is a personalized video content

Physicians are overwhelmed with the number of messages they receive, so the proper context matters. Physicians need to understand why they are receiving the message. So they need to know what the context is, why is the message sent to them.
A crucial aspect is also the perception of the message, the quality of the shared content. Communication quality plays a vital role, especially now that physicians receive many messages, emails, or online meeting requests.
The last thing is certainly the correct channel. We observed plenty of emails being sent, and a large number of online meeting requests via emails are received. We can reach our recipients much more effectively if we can deliver a message through an uncluttered channel

Imagine sending a video message based on a relationship with the physician with the representative or MSL and delivering that via an uncluttered communication channel, such as SMS. We noticed that it is the best way of providing the results.
Those are some of the elements that I consider to be the best practices here in Connectmedica. 

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