Highp's congress highlight service expands coverage to new global events

Congress Highlights is a comprehensive service for physicians based on sponsored medical events

Together with our global partners, we work to increase HCPs' engagement and interest by sending them high-reach media content via email and SMS directly to their mobile devices. To do this, we use Highp - a platform designed to achieve more effective push video communication with healthcare professionals or traditional email.

Recognizing the importance of medical congresses, we decided to make the key insights shared during the event accessible to healthcare professionals. We launched Congress Highlights to change the way we look at conferences - during the event, we deliver daily highlights of the chosen event or congress to healthcare professionals. Our main goal is to target a broad group of healthcare professionals who were unable to attend the event for certain reasons, but still want to be informed about the key points of the event.

Congress Highlights is a comprehensive service for physicians based on sponsored medical events. Using the Highp platform, we can instantly email or text the highlights to hematologists who have consented to receive our communications prior to the event. Our content is only available to registered HCPs.

Since 2012, we have been present at the largest medical conferences in the world and have been able to run as many as 25 highlights per year. One of our main projects focused on hematology conferences, including: EHA, ASH and ASCO. We cooperated with world famous specialists, such as: Prof. Hartmut Goldschmidt MD, Prof. Florian Nolte MD, PD Udo Holtick MD and many more.

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