What is microlearning and how can it improve your business?

Microlearning can significantly develop learning processes among your employees and ultimately enhance the company's productivity.

Employees often return from training sessions and almost immediately forget the majority of the conveyed knowledge. Important information slips their mind, and within a few days, they return to old habits instead of introducing changes within their work. This phenomenon, the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, can pose serious issues for companies aiming to improve their employees' skills.  

Besides, two-thirds of employees complain about not having enough time to perform their day-to-day tasks, let alone to focus on their development. In the reality of online working, businesses are bound to find innovative ways to ensure that their teams' have room for continuous learning.  

The question: How to effectively implement a framework for growth that will best suit the remote workforce?  
The answer: By introducing microlearning. 

Microlearning is a way of conveying knowledge broken down into concise components, delivered over an extended period, most appropriate for the recipients. 

How can your company benefit from implementing microlearning?     

Implementing a microlearning strategy in your company can bring the following benefits:     

  • Microlearning offers a higher level of employee engagement. Recent projects showed that employee participation could be as high as 85%. Participants say they were more likely to learn online once the materials were broken into shorter, more manageable lessons.      

  • Microlearning offers higher retention of information. The human brain is not wired to maintain focus for long periods. We are continually performing brief tasks that, on average last no longer than 5 minutes. 
    Microlearning builds on that knowledge about our brain and delivers the information in a personalized format by using solutions such as Highp. In effect, microlearning can increase information retention among employees by as much as 20%, compared to traditional corporate training methods.  

  • Microlearning offers mobile-ready formats. Choosing a mobile-friendly microlearning format is essential, as most employees will not start working without their phones nearby. A mobile setting allows the recipients of the training to access the learning modules anytime and anywhere, even in the rare moments of spare time away from their desks. Having the information divided into smaller modules allows for better research and quicker access to knowledge, which translates to less time spent on training during work hours and more flexibility. 

  • Content for microlearning format is easier to create and less expensive to maintain than the traditional corporate education methods. Training in the office means allocating internal space or, worse, renting one. Even in working from home scenario, long training would need to be performed during working hours, which inevitably reduces productivity.   

With microlearning, you can replace webinars and training sessions that can last up to few hours with shorter, 5 to 10-minute materials. This way, you can make sure the knowledge is conveyed in a manageable way and effectively retained by the employees. Ultimately, microlearning has the potential to increase the overall company's productivity while at the same time, it allows for a personalized learning track for each of the employees.   

Microlearning has been deployed in prestigious institutions and globally leading companies like London Business School and Google, proving the adequacy of transforming the education methods. Our society is rushing, and it values tools that can proceed accordingly.  

Highp for microlearning projects

To manage your microlearning program as simple as possible, your company needs a tool that will visually help you create the sequence path and the message content. Highp meets all these expectations and more. The video messages provide interactive elements such as questionnaires and surveys that allow you to obtain information about your employees' knowledge and expectations during the educational program. In that way, you receive valuable feedback that makes it easy to adjust the training and get the best results.   

Examples of use cases:

  1. Internal: Improve daily operations of your field-force. Implementing new software or process? Well-prepared micro-learning short video messages can make it more efficient without a hassle. 
  2. Internal: On-board your new field-force representatives on autopilot with a daily dose of know-how. Get a quick recap of who is skipping the content and who is leading the change.
  3. External: Improve HCPs communication skills and knowledge to prolong patients' treatment adherence. Offer top-quality content from global Key Opinion Leader. 
  4. External: Product launch - Improve the number of patients on new therapy by changing daily decision patterns with daily education short podcasts. Use local well-known opinion makers. 

Connectmedica runs projects for top global pharma companies in over 40 countries. Highp is one of the most reliable field-force video presence platforms and an effective operational model. With Highp, you can effectively incorporate microlearning techniques into your business and help your employees reach the peak of their abilities.

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