May 8, 2020

Automatic PowerPoint reports from your marketing campaign? Now possible.

According to a discussion on, daily reporting occupies from 20 to 40 minutes of manager’s time. Good news: he can quickly replace this tiresome task by more productive work or an enjoyable coffee break. All this thanks to automatic reporting.

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There are many apps that simply transform your data into reports - starting with PowerBI or Tableau. However, sometimes we need a few PowerPoint slides with your latest campaign report quickly.

Highp provides quick reports in PowerPoint format. 

Highp extends creative push-video messaging capabilities, with PowerPoint reports. Our reports include up to 10 slides packed with data you may need during your next team meeting. Highp helps understand results in providing references to other channels, too. 

Powerpoint reports extend our detailed event-activities reporting as well as Highp integration. It is designed for product managers to get quick updates on the campaign. 

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