6 proved digital marketing techniques to communicate with Healthcare Professionals

Things you can do to enhance your communication with Healthcare Professionals and drive their attention to your product or educational campaign.

Technical novelties empower you with the possibility to base your entire promotion on one smart solution. Highp is a good example of digital marketing communication used pharma companies to achieve a simple goal with powerful technology.

Based on real campaigns, we have selected the top six the most effective services to catch the HCPs eye and attention:


Highp campaigns are sent via SMS or e-mail with a link directing the receiver to a short personalized video, text message and rich attachments in PDF and PPTX.

  1. Send the physician an innovative video newsletter.

    This brochure should contain expertise articles in the field of new medication, treatment methods or therapy success stories. Thanks to Highp, all this will be preceded by an entertaining intro video recorded by Key Opinion Leader, authority in the field. If the doctor wants to know more about the subject, he is invited to send an ‘I have further questions’ request. Studies prove such multichannel marketing gets around 35% open-rate and 90% positive feedback among recipients.
  2. Invite to a session and follow-up with video wrap-ups from an educational session taking place at a conference.

    It’s easy – collect telephone numbers to physicians participating in the event and send out video invitations to a specific lecture, discussion, or workshop. Add more content and just wait for the guests to appear! Afterward, you can summarize the session with another Highp message.
  3. Follow-up visits with personalized video.

    This is the newest generation of mobile marketing, as 2016 will be about video and who uses it effectively. Salespeople can deliver valuable information about the product in Highp messages and doctors view them on mobile in their free time. But, what is key to this follow-up contact – your representative will maintain close relations with the Healthcare Professional. How? By sending that particular physician a video dedicated to him. It could look like this: ‘Dear Doctor, after the last meeting we held, I would like to share more interesting materials about our product with you. I really enjoyed our conversation on international vaccination policies. Let’s continue the topic next time!’
  4. Special occasion greetings

    Strengthen relations with the physician by sending him occasional Highp personal video greetings followed by a beautifully crafted card. You just can't do better customer relationships in digital. 
  5. Conference Highlights

    Pharma marketing must-have! Provide physicians, who could not make it to an event, with the most important, relevant outcomes from conference or symposium. Keep them informed by sending live or daily video comments and summaries from Key Opinion Leaders. You can deliver various messages – daily event program, summaries from workshops, video interviews with important speakers, and streaming. That’s a very powerful tool to communicate with physicians.
  6. Invite HCPs to online events.

    Mimic real conferences. You can get together with physicians from all around the world during the half or a full-day online event. Highp will help you to keep everyone updated. 


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