3 ways to delight your Conference Attendees with useful knowledge

Engage your attendees in an innovative conference experience

Picture yourself as a participant at an important conference. Your boss finally approved your two-day travel, it’s your only delegation chance for the following year. After the perfect conference day: royal breakfast at the hotel, entertaining small-talks during a coffee break and the three best thought leader speeches you have ever heard, you are carrying a file full of key information in your hand. It contains precious documents - résumés, notes, and DVDs with the best lecture videos. You want to bring all that back home and use this valuable knowledge at work. You also asked for a DVD with videos of interesting lectures. But the file is too big for your briefcase, you must insert all the data into your mobile phone.

Or… The conference organizer could send it to you with a simple SMS.  He would just need the Highp video messaging tool. It’s very intuitive in use and powerful in action. In fact, it has been chosen by one of the world’s biggest rheumatology symposium (EULAR 2015) sponsors, to manage a complex educational campaign dedicated to physicians. The idea met great success and the sponsor announced the further collaboration during next year’s EULAR conference.


What was so special about Highp EULAR messaging content? There were three kinds of news, delivered on a daily basis, later judged essential for real LEARNING experience.

Important notice: the campaign was a real challenge because of its dual approach - recipients were located in two countries, receiving different content from the same conference!

Briefs from daily most important discussions, lectures, meetings

The sponsor invited TWO groups of physicians to participate in the conference - 36 were sent to Rome and physically present at the event and another 120 followed everything remotely from Poland.
The second group was supposed to feel as if it really was present at the event, receiving video messages via SMS with daily conference résumés from Key Opinion Leaders. The experts talked about presentations they held on that day, providing a summary with all essential details. This personalized content made remote participants feel as if they actually were in Rome that day. Polish recipients showed high interest in the content sent, 80% of messages had been opened in the first 4 hours from sending and 88% of recipients provided instant positive feedback. Remark - the messages were recorded in high quality: beautiful Italian-café scenery and held by a professional journalist.


Detailed conference info, sent to the physicians in Rome

An extended version of mobile event agendas- includes documents, brochures, articles and presentations which help the audience to prepare for lectures and meetings to come. If you are particularly proud of a guest speaker, share his biography with his audience. Or send a brochure filled with schemes, infographics, and quotes and incite people to form opinions on a discussion topic. This way your attendees follow the conference with hands and head plenty of useful content. Of course, this agenda has to also include basic conference plans, like events happening during the conference (concerts, discussions, meals, etc.).

A post-conference follow-up will be enjoyed by knowledge seekers

In order to consolidate what they have learned during the sessions, conference participants need to hear once more about the same subjects but in a different way. Highp proposes sending all participants attachments with a technical knowledge base. The messaging tool also enables webinars and video streaming with KOL’s participation. Depending on your vision, it could be the same expert speaker you invited to the symposium, now answering participants’ questions online, or just participants wanting to discuss or review a touched subject.

Hope these tips will give you an idea of how to make your conference interesting and fruitful.

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